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Process control technology and automation

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Measurement of physical properties and quantities

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Product category: Data processing and software


Video inspection system in industrial design
The VI-FK-CMZ-3614-2-IQ-R4 optical inspection system serves in particular to make visible and to document the varied types of faults on cold-rolled strip surfaces by means of a redesigned camera system. It is especially suitable for the observation and documentation of strip lower sides, since the machine operator cannot see these in the normal case without technical aid resources, as well as without additional outlay on personnel and time. The camera module is designed for slower to medium belt speeds, as well as for strip widths to 700 mm. As a result of the modular structure of the system, the system is very low-maintenance. It can also be adapted, with regard to utilization-specific aspects, to the respective ambient conditions.
The area of application can also be extended to various other materials, which are wound onto coils, such as e.g. aluminum or copper.

Characteristic features
Video inspection system in industrial design, for the inspection of scaled, pickled and oiled hot-strip surfaces:
Recording as a video with individual image print function and external video consideration
For system speed to 0-150 m/min
Representation of the current display on two monitors
Zoom and drive function over strip width (approx. 700 mm)
Connection to existing computer systems (e.g. TCP/IP)
Complete delivery, including safety device for the optics and the travel drive

Areas of Application and General
The VI-FK-CMZ-3614-2-IQ-R4 was primarily developed for the cold-rolling industry, in particular for rolling, cutting and inspection machines. However, it is also possible to employ the system for aluminum, copper and similar strip systems.
The application at the machines is implemented by means of one or more module units. If necessary, one unit in each case can be installed above or below the strip to be observed. In order to observe metal strips in widths of 500 mm or more, a minimum distance of 60 cm (measured from the top edge of the camera-objective to the strip surface) is to be maintained. The special-purpose camera is assembled with movement capability, so that the possibility exists to drive to the left-hand or right-hand edge of the strip to be observed and, by means of a motor-zoom objective, to represent a potential source of error in high resolution and enlarged. If necessary, the length of the drive-path can be adapted to the camera using an elongated toothed rack, as well as a longer version of the module.
In association with a recording device and a printer, the possibility exists to provide for comprehensive documentation and archiving.
The archiving can be carried out locally on site, or by LAN at a central location. A foil system, which moves the foil further by PLC control at stipulated time intervals, is used for protection against dripping oil. In addition, in case of severe dirt accumulation, the foil can also be operated manually over a PP17 panel, directly from the control desk of the machine operation.

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About us

Company details

PIEPER GMBH is one of the few camera independent suppliers of video and security equipment on the German market.
The company develops, constructs, manufactures and installs complete video, security and image processing systems for all conceivable applications:
steel industry, glass production, cement processing, power stations, petrochemical industry, waste recycling, public services, transport of people and freight, logistics and transportation companies, energy suppliers, police, etc.
The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, SCC and ATEX RL 94/9/EG
PIEPER GMBH, headquartered in Schwerte, Germany, is active worldwide. Offices are located in the USA, South Africa, China and Australia.

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