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Bodensko House 1, 3100 Mezdra
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.03  Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting (die casting dies see 17.03.01)
  • 10.03.09  Other accessories for die-casting
  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.04  Diecasting machines and accessories
  • 10.04.03  Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines

Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines

Our products

Product category: Other accessories for die-casting


Ceramics are used in the textile industry for filament (thread) guides. Corundum filament guides are fabricated from sintered aluminium oxide to deliver superior hardness and wear resistance. They find application in abrasive technical ceramic fiber production and mixed fiber yarns. After special processing they are even used for metallic wire manufacturing. Custom-made parts are available on request.

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Product category: Other accessories for die-casting


For highly corrosive and or abrasive fluids, high-grade alumina is typically used for its superb strength and wear resistance in structural engineering ceramic components. Its range of applications includes;

• Valve discs
• Pistons
• Washers
• Valves of pumps
• Extrusion cores
• Cyclone separators cones
• Inert gas welding nozzles
• Wire handling pulleys and guides
• Fluid seals

Ceramics for the electrical and electronics industries are made from alumina, cordierite and related materials. These materials possess stable electrical characteristics over a wide frequency and voltage range. Typical applications include heater carriers, integrated circuit substrates and high voltage insulators. Equipped with Cold Isostatic Pressing machine, using Dry Pressing, Injection Molding Casting and Mashing methods, Techceramic – MLtd is capable of manufacturing components from small to very large dimensions with precise tolerances.

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Product category: Other accessories for die-casting


For several years Techceramic – M Ltd. has developed technology for the production vacuum-formed products. Made from ceramic fiber, refractory components and a small percentage of organic or non-organic binder, the insulating properties, high operation temperature and cohesive strength are perfect for foundry applications. The versatility of the vacuum-formed process facilitates the manufacture of simple forms, such as cones and tubes, while also geometrically complex shapes. The basic process is developed to correspond to customer requirements. Custom-made parts are available on request.

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Product category: Other accessories for die-casting


The steady improvement and development of its filters for molten metal filtration made Techceramic – M Ltd. a well-known partner and world-wide manufacturer. With several ceramic foam filters to choose from, suitable for many applications and metals, Techceramic – M Ltd. filters are made from Silicon Carbide, Aluminium Oxide and Zircone Oxide and can be used in the casting of Ferrous (all types of Cast iron and Steels) and Non-Ferrous (Aluminium, Bras, Copper, Zinc, etc.) alloys. While the dimensions are standard, custom-made parts are available on request.

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Product category: Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines


Made from high purity refractory materials, these insulating fire elements, special refractory bricks, tubes for heaters and kiln furniture, contain carefully graded organic filler which is burned out during manufacturing in order to give a uniform, controlled structure. The materials advantages include high insulation value and low heating costs. Custom-made parts are available on request.

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Product category: Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines


Techceramic – M Ltd. specialize in the production of Wollastonite and Fused Silica parts for molten aluminium contact. Due to the materials excellent properties, components based on both materials are perfect for use in casting operations. The advantages of this material are characterized by:

• Good insulation
• Non-wetting to molten Aluminium alloys
• Good thermal
• Erosion resistance
• Excellent price-to-performance relation

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Product category: Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines


Techceramic – M Ltd. manufactures several ceramic materials specially developed for use in foundries. One of these ceramic materials is Aluminium Titanate. Ultra-clean synthetic raw materials are combined to form a micro porous material by special reaction sintering. This material is characterized by:

• Very high abrasive resistance
• Superior strength and hardness
• Superb resistance to corrosion & erosion
• High insulating values
• Low heat conduction
• Electrically stable
• High temperature and thermal resistant
• Non-wetting by non-ferrous metals
• Outstanding lifespan
• Excellent price-to-performance ratio
• Exceptional thermal shock resistance
• No thermal expansion
• Secures economic process control
• Guarantees constant cleanness of melt

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About us

Company details

Located in the small town of Mezdra Bulgaria, Techceramic – M is developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of ceramic components with a broad and ever growing range of applications.Our production lines are managed and supervised by high-level technicians and machinists with the entire plant having a ratio of 3 to 1 in terms of qualified ceramic and mechanical engineers. Its departments span from production, maintenance, financials and quality control and each year, the company offers specialized and ongoing training to its staff.

For meeting the custumer's requirements, Techceramic-M has an effective strict quality control in every processing and makes 100% exaination in every step. The accurate quality control, based on systematic analysis of raw materials, intermediate and products, assures high quality products.

Operating worldwide Techceramic-M is a vast supplier of technical ceramic compontents for all industries, with EN ISO 9001-2008 accredited quality management system.

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