Brokk AB

P.O. Box 730, 931 27 Skelleftea
Risbergsgatan 67, 931 27 Skelleftea
Telephone +46 910 711-800
Fax +46 910 711-811


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METEC 2015 hall map (OA Hall 4): stand 04-02

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METEC 2015 fairground map: OA Hall 4

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The future of remote controlled demolition

We are constantly working on improving our machines to make sure that Brokk continues to be your number one. The Brokk concept is continuously growing in our present markets and we are pleased to see that it is being spread to new markets rapidly.

The basic idea is still the same which gives you the opportunity to work with equipment that is built for its purpose: safe, efficient, powerful and profitable. We are pleased to see that the Brokk machines are used in many interesting projects around the world.

These are some of the factors that make our work even more interesting and keep us work even harder. We are convinced that the Brokk concept is the future of demolition!

Company history

The two companies PE Holmgren and Rivteknik had been involved in various demolition activities for some time. The idea of designing their own demolition machine came in the spring of 1976 when they were carrying out the difficult and hazardous job of demolishing a lead furnace at Boliden Rönnskärsverken smelting plant near Skellefteå.

The first machine was christened Mini-Max and later renamed PH250 to finally develop into our Brokk 250. The operations grew and in 1982 the owners decided to establish a separate company for the development and production of the machines. The company name was Holmhed Systems AB, later changed to Brokk AB.

Brokk is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the investment company Lifco Group.

ISO 9001 certified

Our Quality Management System has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance and applies to "Design and manufacture of remote controlled demolition robots".

Origin of the name

The name has been taken from the mythical figure Brokk, who forged the god of war Thor's sword in the realm of the Norse gods. Brokk was small but very strong, just like our machines.

He was also something of an artful character, which could also characterise our designers, or perhaps the people who use the machines?

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