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The high qualify and law cost goods are offered by several manufacturers, and mass media are saturate with their advertising. How can you sort such information flow and avoid unnecessary expenses, loss of time, overheads and to care of your nerves? The reply is well known by the Compamy “San Teh Rai”, manufacturer of aluminum and bimetallic made steam radiators of ТМ Mirado, Diva, Elite, Elegance. And we are ready tell you about:


The main principle of the work of Messrs. “San Teh Rai” is the quality of services rendered by us. Just the quality of work, workmanship is nothing but the sign of reliability. Our production facilities are equipped with highly automated lines and for today we are the only one of its kind in Ukraine. The high quality of output is reached by the high technologies used by key decision makers, by the quality monitoring system at every production stage (from the dissolution of metal to the goods packing), by the skilled workers and current State standard compliance. Our Company is certified in accordance with International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001.

...longevity and durability...

Messrs. “San Teh Rai” are the first and only one manufacturers in Ukraine of radiators having 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 sections in packing enabling to install the radiator being packed. Thus, is it damage-proof during the finish work. The longevity and durability is assured by two-coat work with the use of method anaphoresis and electrostatic powder paint spraying with precoating of interior and exterior covers of radiator with oxide film. Such techniques extended the lifetime up to more than 30 years.

...costs of heating...

The State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute of Special Building Work” acting on the grounds of the Rules of the State Enterprise, has concluded with Messrs. “San Teh Rai” (L.L.C.) the Contract No. 84/11 dd July 11, 2007. On the grounds of the above Contract the Institute carried out the tests of the radiators purposely to measure their heat power. Today, on having obtained official positive results, our radiators obtained the official technical characteristics. The heat power of our radiators is equal to 195 Watts! You have the right to ask us, why it is so important? First of all it is necessary to say that not all manufactured radiators are not tested. Testing of radiators is a complex process requiring the use job-dedicated machinery placed in specialized facilities. At the same time, the radiators are not subject to certification. Therefore, many manufacturers afford to overestimate the real technical characteristics of their radiators in their paperwork, particular, their heat power. You should know well the cost of one watt of heat irradiated by you radiator. Such amount can be calculated as follows:Value of radiator divided by its heat power is equal to UAH (Ukrainian hryvnias) to be paid per one (1) watt of irradiated heat.

For example: to heat any room having the area of 30 m2 it is necessary to install 15 sections (with temperature heat equal to Θ 70)* of the radiator MIRADO having the value of UAH 63.00 per one section. In such case the value of one watt of heat will be equal to: 63 / 195 = UAH 0.35. At the same time on purchasing radiators having less value and less temperature heat you will not be able to economize money, because you will need more sections. Furthermore, you will need more space. Moreover, radiators of ТМ Mirado, Diva, Elite, Elegance are 30 % - 40 % cheaper than the same made in Europe having the similar weight, temperature and quality. It is a case, when it pays to be patriot.

In addition to the long-term quality guaranty of radiators of ТМ Mirado, Diva, Elite, Elegance (un purchasing our goods you obtain the Guaranty and Insurance Policy issued for EVERY radiator), we give qualified advises, offer flexible system of price reduction, use individual approach to our clients and short period of execution of contracts. We are concerned about our end users. Just for such reason we are conducting seminars for fitters. Every fitter who has serve as apprenticeship obtains Certificate proving his skill and guaranties the high level of his proficiency. The fitter’s workmanship is also important as the equipment per se.
The design of radiators was developed subject to up-to-date tendencies in the field of industrial design and commercial art. The radiator is aesthetically acceptable and attractive, it will fit into any interior, and by this reason it not necessary to close it with curtains of decorative screens. It is also necessary especially to note that all radiators made by Messrs. “San Teh Rai” are insured by Insurance Company “ACKA” against risk of Clients’ personal injury or their property damage arising from any product defects.

We are doing all that you obtain maximum advantage with minimum costs.
We are giving the worm to you, when you come back at home.
To have the most worm radiators forever, it is actual for everybody!

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