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2 Sasakubo Higashikaminodejima, 961-0302 Shirakawa, Fukushima
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Wakabayashi Makoto

Executive board/managing director
Research, development, design

2 Sasakubo Higashikaminodejima
961-0302 Shirakawa, Fukushima, Japan



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.03  Customers and uses for iron, steel and malleable castings
  • 01.03.041  Robot engineering

Our products

Product category: Robot engineering

Main body and arm and base for a robot

A robot is active in all assembly steps of automobile parts (handling, spot welding, etc.). We manufacture a large amount of castings that are used in the arms, the main body, etc. of a robot. This casting has many cores, is generally thin, but the thickness partially varies. Therefore, a high level of technique is required.

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Product category: Robot engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction Related Products

A vibro compacter is a machine that presses and hardens (rolling compaction) rolling compaction soil, sands, asphalt, etc. It is used in construction of a walk way and a water pipe in which the area of the work is narrow. We manufacture a large amount of castings of most important rolling compaction parts. A high smoothness is necessary for the surface of this casting where it directly makes a contact with the ground, and a toughness is required because it is always vibrating.

And Lorry axle parts, etc.

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Product category: Robot engineering

Frame for a surface implementation machine and Machining cen

Printed circuit boards are inserted in household electric appliances such as a cell phone and a personal computer and auto industry products. Using a surface implementation machine, electronic parts such as IC’s are loaded on the printed circuit boards. We manufacture a large amount of the frame that becomes a skeleton of such surface implementation machine. This casting has a complicated shape and is generally thin.

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About us

Company details

We manufacture and sell castings. Castings of FC (flaky graphite cast iron), FCD (spherical graphite cast iron), and alloy cast iron are manufactured semi-automatically and manually with a furan organic self-hardening cast molding process. The weight of handling is 10 to 4,000 kg, and the possible monthly production is max 200 castings per one type. We mainly manufacture robot related castings, and we also manufacture castings for a plastic injection molder, a plastic machine tool, a machine for civil engineering and construction, etc.

Our company, CAST, was founded in Fukagawa, Tokyo in 1889. Since then, we have been favored by many customers as a casting company. On March of 1994, the entire factory was moved from Koto-ku, Tokyo to Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima.

In the Shirakawa factory, a work environment is realized in which the image of the conventional casting factory was entirely renovated so as to ensure 100% cleanliness and become a casting industry for the future. In order to meet our users’ needs, we have cutting-edge facilities, and a system that can respond to a mass production of casting by manual molding.

In the casting industry, it is said that handing down the technique and skill is difficult. However, many young employees have been brought up well, and we are confident that we can be useful as a casting factory of a new age by combining our technique that we cultivated for many years with Information Technology.

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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Export content

max. 10%

Number of employees