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Russian Federation
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Nikola Trushko

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

8a, Riazansky prospect
109428 Moscow, Russian Federation



Miron Borgulev

Business, corporate or plant management

8a, Riazansky prospect
109428 Moscow, Russian Federation



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • 05.02  Continuous casting

Continuous casting

  • 06  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of non-ferrous metals
  • 06.02  Continuous casting

Continuous casting

  • 07  Plant and equipment for shaping of steel
  • 07.08  Bar and wire mills

Bar and wire mills

  • 07  Plant and equipment for shaping of steel
  • 07.13  Tube/pipe production lines

Tube/pipe production lines

  • 08  Plant and systems for shaping of non-ferrous metals
  • 08.03  Foil rolling mills

Foil rolling mills

About us

Company details

All- Russian Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Engineering (VNIIMETMASH) performs full cycle of work from basic engineering to manufacturing of newequipment. VNIIMETMASHdevelops working drawings and documentation, produces new types of machines, supervises their installation and commissioning, and follows up design implementation and proper use of equipment at the time of its mastering by clients. VNIIMETMASH also designs and produces new metallurgical plants and commissions them on "turn-key» basis. The company conducts feasibility studies for construction of new enterprises in the field of metallurgical engineering.

VNIIMETMASH has more than 60 years of experience on domestic and international markets in engineering products, and has therefore established close relations with Russian and foreign partners. Its structure includes specialized units that implement engineering design and conduct research work. In addition, the company has its own production plant for manufacturing experimental equipment.The company also established mutually beneficial ties with outsourcers which allows VNIIMETMASH to manufacture certain types of its equipment at their production plants.

Equipment supplied by VNIIMETMASH to customers passes comprehensive tuning and testing procedures prior to its delivery. As components, VNIIMETMASH uses products of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products of the company have been working on many steel& pipe making, machine-building plants, in nuclear and aviation enterprises in Russia and abroad - in Japan, India, France, South Korea, USA, Sweden, UK, etc.

VNIIMETMASH has made good progress in designing and creating continuous casting machines. Its can supply customers with new CC machines as well as upgrade those that have worked for years. The company is famous for designing and manufacturing its patented casting molds for high quality parts making machines that provide for good quality of billets and are highly resistant.

In the field of casting of non-ferrous metals VNIIMETMASH designed and manufactured foundry- rolling units, in which the liquid metal from the ladle falls onto the casting wheel whence it comes in the form of a band or in a similar type of billet.

The company has developed technology and equipment for compact metallurgical complexes with an annual capacity of 100 thou tons of metal and more. Such mini-complexes use scrap metal as raw material and produce rolled steel bars, wire, construction reinforcement bars. The equipment of such plants includes continuous section mills of modern VNIIMETMASHdesign and incorporates technical solutions that ensure reliability, guaranteed level of performance, easy maintenance and high level of automation.

The company also designs and delivers to customers the rolling mills of lower productivity for rolling the large billets into small size pieces, which is economically justified for smaller scale plants working with fairly expensive materials such as refractory metals, alloyed extra hard and high alloyed steel.

VNIIMETMASH has developed and produced mills for cold rolling thin strip of high precision from high-strength materials. They are used both for industrial production and experimental testing of new technologies.

The company has vast experience in making cold rolled tubes. It offers a number of roll-type mills of different sizes and forms. These mills meet the highest requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality, they are reliable in operation, easy on maintenance and cheap to install. VNIIMETMASH rolling mills can operate non-stop 24 hours a day for months, thus ensuring a quick return on investments.

VNIIMETMASH was a pioneer in the creation of cold rolling tube mills of the roller type for precise rolling of thin-walled and extra thin-walled tubes from steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium, aluminum, etc. The company supplies mills for rolling mono& bimetallic ribbed tubes with high fins for industrial heat exchangers. It also delivers hot rolling mills for rolling of rings with a diameter up to 3000 mm from pierced forged billets. VNIIMETMASH has vast experience in making tube rolling units of different capacity for hot tube rolling, among them continuous and sizing mills.

An important mission for the company is the production lines for hot rolling of hard steel balls used in mining for grinding rock ore.

This and other types of equipment designed by VNIIMETMASH engineers, like the new mills for hot rolling of screw-type construction reinforcement bars and cold rolling of hollow screw fittings, meet the highest world standards.

For cutting of hot and cold billets the company has developed several types of cutting devices, including hydraulic shears for continuous casting machines and flying shears for tube rolling mills. Especially efficient and original are the rotor-type saws for cutting hot billets of large cross section, upon which the cut is performed within tenths of a second, thus achieving high performance unattainable by other methods of cutting hot metal. One of the main activities of VNIIMETMASH is conducting research and development in the field of large press construction. A significant achievement in this field was making the world's most powerful presses of 750 MN ( 75,000 tons ) and 650 MN ( 65,000 tons ), the latter delivered to the customer in France.

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10-49 Mio US $

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