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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.04  Diecasting machines and accessories
  • 10.04.03  Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines

Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines

  • 17  Pattern and die making
  • 17.02  Pattern and die making materials and standard elements
  • 17.02.05  Heating and cooling devices for moulding and castings tools

Heating and cooling devices for moulding and castings tools

Our products

Product category: Accessories, operating and auxiliary material for diecasting machines


Tooling components are produced by advanced weld-surfacing technologies using special alloys highly resistant to particular loading conditions. Special surfacing alloys are available so that in-service life of components is significantly improved.

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Product category: Heating and cooling devices for moulding and castings tools

Multirunner™ Plates

Solutions for high-end hot runners

New product from HTS are pre-fabricated steel blocks for hot runner systems containing internal network of distribution channels.

Main advantage is any desired cross-section and geometry of distribution channels resulting in smooth and controllable plastics flow at lower operating pressure, with flawless process startup.

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Product category: Heating and cooling devices for moulding and castings tools

Supertherm™ Tooling

Advanced thermal regulation applied to tooling

Thermal optimization of Molds for Plastic-Molding is critical to run highest quality production, minimize production cycle time, and achieve best production efficiency.

Special fabrication technology is developed that is based on fusion of different pre-machined parts to a single part “monoblock”. Such part contains at its interior specially engineered thermal regulation circuit. This fabrication technology provides radical changes in approach to thermal optimization of tooling, which, having these fabrication possibilities, can be brought to perfection in terms of production cycle time and part distortion.

Additional benefits of thermally optimized tooling are in its extended in-service life, lower maintenance and operating costs, all improving your competitive advantage.


Special SUPERTHERM™ solutions presented are practical examples where:

  • thermal optimum of the part is reached,
  • production cycle time is significantly reduced,
  • complex drilling and extra hole tapping is eliminated,
  • in some cases both cooling and heating loops are included with only two connector, IN and OUT, sets.

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Product category: Heating and cooling devices for moulding and castings tools

Casting Set

Where best production effectiveness is needed

Innovative SUPERTHERM™ PISTON is only delivered together with shot sleeve, piston rod, and SUPERTHERM™ distributor as “CASTING SET”. The SET is only delivered as problem solving solution in cases where casting process is to be optimized and casting cycle shortened. In this case simulation and optimization of casting process is performed by our engineers in the 5 STEP process (see CHECK YOUR OPTIMUM SOLUTION). The SET guarantees required manufacturing tolerances and product performance, and as such is subject to our full warranty.

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About us

Company details

Our Commitment
Industrial Components, built to perform

Our resources are employed to research, development and innovation of industrial components utilized in extreme thermal conditions to achieve optimum performance and prolonged in-service life at maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our products combine innovative design with selection of best materials. They are designed by our experienced engineers with assistance of Materials and Process Modeling Division, using state-of-the-art Computational Modeling Systems, and are fabricated using Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

Our Facilities
Research and Development

It is our strategic decision to dedicate resources to Research and Development in order to provide our customers with advanced and innovative solutions, assuring sustainable competitive advantage. Materials and Process Modeling Division, the hearth of R&D, is developer of innovative Die-Casting products and novel Thermal Regulation technology.
Efficient production

State-of-the-art technologies are utilized for production of our components. Our advanced CNC weld-surfacing facility provides top-quality maintenance and refurbishment of die-casting products. In house Premium heat treatment and surface treatment facility STEEL, highly innovative MFT technology, as well as machining and advanced weld-surfacing facility guarantee most efficient production.

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