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Sanjay Waghulde

Executive board/managing director
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A1,7th Fl.,Mahalaxmi Nagar,Opp. RMD
411058 Warje, Pune, India

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Vijaysinh Chavan

Executive board/managing director
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A1,7th Fl.,Mahalaxmi Nagar,Opp. RMD
411058 Warje, Pune, India

+91 20 2523-4337

+91 20 2434-4339


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.01  Measuring instruments
  • 19.01.01  Temperature measuring instruments
  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.01  Measuring instruments
  • 19.01.02  Thermal analysis equipment

Thermal analysis equipment

  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.04  Software for business and process data capture

Software for business and process data capture

Our products

Product category: Temperature measuring instruments

Temperature Measuring Instruments for Molten Metal

Smart Port is a Series of immersion type temperature measurement equipments designed for molten metals. It consist of a special electronic hardware and SMART LOGIC software which automatically corrects errors introduced due to de-rating/ageing effect of electronic components, in turn ensures long-term consistency in accuracy of measurement. Plateau Detection Technique is used for accurate molten metal temperature measurement. The microprocessor controlled electronics is housed in sturdy enclosure to suit foundry/steel plant conditions. Separate models are available for ferrous and Non-ferrous molten metal temperature measurement.

Plateau detection technique:
In this technique transient response of sensor and system is ignored. Steady state response is monitored and confirmed by taking several samples. Once it fits in its detection criteria the temperature is displayed. The operator can remove the lance to prevent it from melting in the molten metal bath. This technique displays correct temperature and ignores incorrect readings by giving error messages. Thus there is no possibility of hot spot measurement in this technique. This operation is completed in 1-3 sec in case of single dip paper tube thermocouple tips and 3-8 sec in case of Multi dip thermocouple tips. It ensures life of receptacle (connector for tip and lance). This technique is world wide used in Induction furnaces.

  • Portable Immersion Pyrometer Smart Port B
  • Portable Immersion Pyrometer with memory Smart Port BP
  • Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with two inch display Smart Port M2
  • Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with four inch display Smart Port M4
  • Wireless Immersion Pyrometer Smart Port WLL
  • Hand Held Pocket Pyrometer SmartTemp

Technical information

  • Importance of Measurement and Control of Molten Metal Temperature
  • Temperature measurement techniques
  • Temperature control by process timer method


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Product category: Temperature measuring instruments

Thermal Analysis Test Cups

The disposable Smart Carbon Cup is well engineered to feed accurate, reproducible and consistent information of cooling curve of molten metal.

  • Very high accuracy of Carbon and Silicon.
  • Very high success rate. Dependable.
  • Guaranteed electrical contact throughout the test.
  • Assurance of complete white iron solidification.
  • Improved process control.
  • Reproducible and uniform cooling curves.
  • Fast thermocouple response.
  • Excellent thermal insulation by using silica.
  • Wide pouring temperature range.
  • Can be used for both hypo- and hyper- eutectic irons.
  • Easy to pour at every heat to exact specifications with lowest price.
  • It can be used with base iron prior to magnesium treatment.
  • Cups are available in square and round shape.
  • Well-matched with any thermal analysis system (Carbon Silicon Analyser)

Smart-Cup uses a horizontally mounted chromel-alumel thermocouple inside a cup, the volume of which has been chosen to make it suitable for all applications. The disposable Smart-Cup fits firmly on its stand, giving perfect contact throughout the entire measuring period, so assuring trouble free operation. Use of compensating cable ensures that, the required accuracy is maintained throughout the system.


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Product category: Thermal analysis equipment

Thermal Analysis Systems for Molten Iron

The thermal analysis is a quick, reliable, & low cost application method enabling quality & melting process control of cast iron. From iron/carbon state diagram the thermal analysis gives direct information about solidification of cast iron. It allows analysis of carbon equivalent (%CE), Carbon (%C), Silicon (%Si) in iron melts like Grey cast iron, Ductile iron and Malleable iron.

Principal of Operation: Thermal Analysis is the interpretation of cooling curve of liquid iron sample. First arrest point, the liquidus is a temperature level is directly related to Carbon Equivalent. CE = %C + %Si/3 + %P/3.

Second arrest point, the solidus temperature, when referred with liquidus, allows the total carbon content prediction. For this; metal must solidify white which is achieved by Tellurium This specially designed Tellurium & other ingredient minimises the influence of entrapped particles, gases and particularly additions used in cupola produced iron. Our smart carbon cups are tellurium coated sensors with "k" type thermocouple can be used for Carbon Equivalent, % Carbon, % silicon in grey, malleable & base metal of ductile iron. Carbon cups are available to cover entire range of thermal analysis i.e. % Carbon + % Silicon/9 = 4.3.

Traditional thermal analysis uses tellurium-coated cups. Carbon precipitates as Fe3C. Easy to detect temperature arrests and to calculate CE,% C and %Si.

Smart Grey Cup are non -tellurium test cups, specially designed to get information how carbon is precipitated into graphite. We get cooling curve of grey sample, when carbon is allowed to solidify as graphite. By using this cooling curve we can Prediction of Tensile strength, Brinell Hardness & type of microstructure of unalloyed cast iron, Measurement of Eutectic Cell Count & Inoculation Deciding Factor for cast iron, Prediction of %Nodularity, Nodule Count, Shrinkage Index

SMART LAB -Carbon Silicon Analyser/CE meter System

SMART LAB is a microprocessor based instrument for quick thermal analysis of the iron melt before it is poured; this makes it possible to correct the melt for optimization & ensures higher quality when pouring. It is specially engineered to suit the foundry environment.

SMART LAB provides calculations of Carbon content (%C), Carbon Equivalent (CE), & Silicon content (%Si) for quick analysis of cast iron. This is an automatic analysing instrument that is used with SMART CUP & SMART TIP for both thermal analysis & immersion temperature measurement. It consists of a special electronic hardware and SMART LOGIC software which automatically corrects errors introduced due to de-rating/ ageing effect of electronic components, ensuring long-term accuracy of measurement.

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About us

Company details

V-SMART GROUP has focused on metallurgical analytical instruments & has since inception in 1997 built up a range of products. Over the last 18 years various products & services have been developed for a variety of customers in foundry industry all over India and Abroad.

V-SMART is located at Pune (150 Km. south of Mumbai). Our manufacturing facilities at Pune houses Manufacturing, Design & Development, Quality assurance, Sales & Finance departments

We have a strong In House, Design & Development group since to date & we have depended on our own resources for product development.

We received Prestigious Industrial Merit Award from Chamber of commerce in Year 2004 for developing Advanced Thermal analysis System.

We are exporting our products to 34 countries in 6 continents across the world.

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1-9 Mio US $

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