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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Automation in Ferro Silicon Magnesium Addition in Ladle

Automation in Ferro Silicon Magnesium Addition in Ladle ( Semi automatic & Fully Automatic Alloy Feeder ) & Raw Material Addition in Furnaces

Ferro Silicon Magnesium & covering Material addition in the Ladle according to the Molten Metal quantity is the compulsory process in production of Spheroidal Graphite Iron.( Ductile Iron). However all Foundry men found difficult to ensure the consistency of addition which leads to Quality issues & Rejection of Lot of Moulds . Our Solution will help the operator to ensure the proper weighing with consistency and all the records are stored in the Computer to provide detailed MIS report to the management to take appropriate operational decisions.

This solution would help you to enhance your supplier process & also have better control on their Inventory management. We have already successfully executed these solutions to leading foundries like

  • M/s Mahindra Hinoday, Pune, India
  • M/s Bhagwathi Spherocast Ltd, Ahmedabad, India
  • M/s AT India Auto Parts Ltd, Bangalore, India and
  • M/s Brakes India Ltd, Sholingar,India

Brief benefits :

  1. They can have their Grade master/ Product Master in the P.C
  2. Select the required grade & no of batches on every day to start their production.
  3. Our system will guide the operator to weigh the right material & also guide them to weigh the right quantity. This ensures the right quality of molten metal at a first time itself over a period of time
  4. Entire inventory ( consumption) is recorded automatically in the PC. This is real data and it can not be manipulated. Entire batch data will be available for verification.
  5. Reports can be uploaded to pdf format for their further processes
  6. We can also supply Fully Automatic Auto Alloy Feeder for their Fesi Mg treatment process without manual intervention.
  7. Helps them to reduce their rejection & Ensures final quality factor.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Furnace Energy Monitoring & Automatic Sintering Process

Energy is the biggest scarcity resource for any industries and it is very crucial for all foundries. Many Existing Furnace does not have the facility to shut off the furnace automatically based on its energy consumption. ( should be available in latest Furnaces) .The Furnace energy monitoring meter shall be installed in the control panel. Four keys are provided for entering the set energy and a LCD display for displaying the remaining units. The energy reading shall be read from the energy meter and a relay output is given to automatically stop the furnace once the set energy is consumed. A reset button is provided to initialize the energy reading.

The system requires a PC for storing the start time, end time, energy details of all the furnaces. This PC has to be ON continuously, whenever the furnace is running. The intermediate data collection unit can be used for temporary storage of data when the PC is switched OFF. The stored data shall be transferred to the PC when it is powered ON. The Intermediate data collection unit can also display reports in its TFT screen.

We can also Automate the SINTERING PROCESS of your existing Furnaces.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Crane Weighing Systems ( Integral Type)

We can integrate the weighing systems in the Existing Crane within 48 Hours. 100% Safe from Temperature & Accident .

Weight Display Size & Location is selected as per your requirement.
No cable, RF Connection. Head Room Loss & Battery replacement task is avoided when compare to Hanging Type Crane weigher.

And we also provide the Rope weight compensation to show the weight Accurately.
Recently we have added Remote Calibration Facility also in our system.

And you can monitor your molten metal productivity with the help our Crane Weighing Standard software which will log the weight of molten metal in Remote Computer.

This is one of best alternate solution against your costlier imported Hanging Type Crane Weighing System.

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We are the manufacturer of Auto Alloy Feeder, Semi Automatic Furncae Rawmaterial & Ladle Alloy addition Automation, Integral Crane Weighing Systems ,Mono Rail Crane weighing systems, Inoculant dispensing Systems , Furnace Energy Monitoring along with automatic sintering process. Our Group company has got 2 decades of experience in the special automation solution and we have installed our unique automation solution to companies like M/s Mahindra Hinoday, M/s Bhagwathi Spherocast & M/s Brakes India Ltd to improve their Process especially in the area of SG Iron Treatment. Our Error Proofing system will make reliable operating procedures in the area of raw material addition in the Furnaces & alloy addition in the ladle. It ensures the Quality & Less Rejection along with the Power Savings.

Our Integral Type Crane Weighing systems is widely used in many Foundries and very good alternate solution for high cost hanging type crane weighing. No Head room loss, No Temperature issue, No battery replacement issue & you can calibrate the system remotely and also can collect productivity date thru our remote crane weighing software.

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