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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.02  Moulding sand binders
  • 06.02.02  Synthetic resin binders for cold setting processes

Synthetic resin binders for cold setting processes

  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.03  Moulding sand additives, coatings for moulds and cores
  • 06.03.03  Mould and core coatings

Mould and core coatings

  • 09  Gating and feeding
  • 09.07  Feeder sleeves

Our products

Product category: Synthetic resin binders for cold setting processes

No Bake Resin Molding Technology

Furan no bake molding system :

Used in iron, steel, copper and aluminum castings

● Zero or lower nitrogen content

● Lower free formaldehyde content

● Lower free sulfuric acid content

● Significantly lower hazardous air pollutants emissions results from pouring. Improve

working environment. Reduce air pollution and better environment for health

● Reduce casting defects, improve casting quality

● Reduction on machining thickness and manufacturing cost

● High strength, high reclamation ratio

● Resin addition rate 0.7-1.2% of sand weight

● Catalyst addition rate 20-65% of resin weight


Phenolic no bake molding system Polytec 4306 :

● Used in all alloys. Perfect for steel, copper, iron and aluminum castings

● Binder addition rates typically between 1.2 – 2.0% based on sand weight

● Catalyst addition rates between 20-25% based on resin weight

● Ideal sand temperature: 20-30 °C

● Bench life/strip time be adjusted by blending slow or fast catalyst

● Suitable for alcohol and water based refractory coatings

● Water-soluble, alkaline, phenol-formaldehyde polymer

● Low nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur free for better quality castings

● Low odor, low fume and low emission. Environmental friendly to improve

working condition

● High thermal strength. Reduce expansion and penetration defects

● Absorb initial sand expansion at pouring

● Good breakdown. High sand reclamation ration

● Excellent pattern release for better precise castings dimension

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Product category: Mould and core coatings

Refractory Coatings

Used in alloy steel, stainless steel, iron, copper and aluminum castings

Alcohol and Water type refractory coatings :

Zircon based for steel castings

Graphite based for gray and ductile iron castings

Magnesia based for high manganese steel castings

Coatings application by brush, spray, flooding and dipping


Excellent temperature resistance

Good erosion resistance

Prevent metal penetration

Good protection against sand burn-on

Excellent adhesion

Improve casting surface quality

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Product category: Feeder sleeves

Exothermic and Insulating Sleeve Riser

A clean supplement to prevent formation of casting shrinkage porosities raising yield rate of alloys during casting.

Sleeve is an economic non-carbonaceous exothermic anti-piping mixture of medium sensitivity to generate a fairly high heat output.

It is ideal for general steel foundry use to prevent formation of shrinkage defects. It is free from carbonaceous materials ensuring no carbon contamination of feed metal.

Sleeves has high insulation and refractoriness to withstand exothermic reaction, minimizing heat loss keeping metal in sleeve molten long after casting has solidified.

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About us

Company details

Established in 1978, Envoy based in Taiwan, is a leading supplier of foundry auxiliary supplies.

Envoy offers a wide range of products in steel mill and foundry refractories, furan resin, phenolic based sand binder resins, refractory coatings, foundry machinery, core pastes, custom tailored exothermic sleeves, fluxes, parting agent and other supplies for iron, steel and non ferrous metals.

Envoy is relentless in product research and development and in acquiring foreign high performance technology to satisfy customer’s needs to competitively produce high quality castings. Envoy continues to build strong strategic alliances globally to build up company's competitive ability.

Envoy is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier of steel mill and foundry refractory, ferrous and non ferrous foundries.

Envoy provides continuous improvement in foundry and refractory sectors by serving as agent for technically advanced global companies, namely, OMEGA FOUNDRY MACHINERY LTD. ,MAGNESITA Refractory,and SNAM ALLOYS PVT.LTD and also has a partnership alliance in Mainland China for manufacturing Furfural.

ENVOY vigilantly makes use of every opportunity to always move forward to benefit you, the customer. Envoy continues to build strong strategic alliances to help make you more competitive and assure you growth to face tomorrow’s equally competitive market.

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