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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.03  Fuel-heated melting and holding furnaces
  • 02.03.03  Rotary furnaces
  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.02  Moulding sand mixer

Moulding sand mixer

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.02  Sand reclamation, plants and machines
  • 07.02.02  Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands

Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.02  Sand reclamation, plants and machines
  • 07.02.03  Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sands

Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sands

Our products

Product category: Rotary furnaces

Oxi-fuel rotary melting furnaces for cast iron

Capacity from 1 to 30 tons
Production of every kind of cast iron
Constant features of the metal
Production of nodular cast iron of better quality than the one prepared with any other type of melting furnace, either in elasticity or in toughness
Better energetic efficiency than the one of any other kind of melting furnace
Minimal dust emissions (< 0,5 kg per ton of produced cast iron)
Negligible oxydations:

C < 0,10% Si < 0,10% Mn < 0,25%

Reduced refractory wear and tear
Facility in the lining repair and restoration
Minimum necessity in labour, either for the process management, or for the plant maintenance
Maximum attention to the safety rules
No risks for operators and production, too, in case of refractory fissure: there are no water cooling circuits inside the refractory lining

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Product category: Moulding sand mixer

Sipron Multicat

Sipron Multicat – simple or articulated – is a continuous mixer working with the automatic variation of three types of catalysts and of their meterings in function of the temperature
Constant hardening times not depending either on the environment temperature or on the sand one
Automatic adjustment of the additives deliveries independently on the pumps wear state
Alarm threshold for maintenance warning
Self-acting stop in case of shortage or lack of binder or catalyst
Instantaneous readout and control of the pumps delivery, realized by means of electronic flowmeters
Delivery from 3 to 50 t/h
Ranges from 1 to 11 meters. Length of the primary arm increasable
Motorized movement of the primary arm and of the secondary one
Automatic cleaning of the mixing screw
Central opening of the mixing channel in order to facilitate the interventions on the mixing screw
Internal smokes suction circuit, with fan installed in the basement


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Product category: Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands

Sand/silicate reclaiming plants

During the Eighties Sider began to be interested in the study of the moulding process with sand/silicate and to the consequent regeneration of sand. In 1987 it realized the first plant for the reclamation of sand bonded with sodium silicate.
The continuous development of the technology in the following years has carried today Sider Technology to plan and construct systems allowing to reclaim till more than 90% of the used sand.

The sand reclaiming process is subdivided in more steps:
The vibrating shakeout equipment crushes the sand blocks, in order to turn them to grains or to very small size. Metallic parts, stones or other foreign matters are kept by a screening surface and are discharged through a pneumatically opened shutter
Sand coming from the shakeout is conveyed upwards through suction. During such transport it undergoes, because of the speed, a crushing and a rubbing of the grains
In the decantation chambers, a first separation and elimination of dust is carried out
The dusted and treated sand is screened, leaving to pass the definitively selected one to the successive phase
Through the hot-air fluid bed, the grains are heated and dried, in order to favour the shattering of the silicate film covering them. Afterwards the rubbing of the grains pulverizes the silicate film, while dust is removed and stored in the hopper of the proper sleeves filter
The sand is cooled uniformly in a heat exchanger with finned tubes batteries before its definitive ensilage
A pneumatic propulsor, placed under the cooling-unit, conveys sand to the usage point
In order to improve the quality and to optimize the silicate consumptions, sand is treated for a last time in a final dust exhausting group provided with an adjustable cascade system. In such way also the residual fines together with dust produced during the pneumatic conveyance are captured, and you obtain a sand with eccellent granulometry features


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Product category: Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sands

Sand/resin reclaiming plants

Delivery from 2 to 30 t/h
Grids or shakeout machines for vibrating treatment with pneumatic discharge of the rejects
Soundproof boxes for dust suction, built in steel or reinforced concrete with automatic sliding doors
Gratings for pit covering, evacuating towards the shakeout machines
Pneumatic friction treatment, conveyance and cooling
First dust exhaustion with adjustable selection of the fines to reject
Screening by means of net with spring for the permanent tension of this one
Gravity heat exchangers with water circuit cooled by evaporating tower or refrigerator
Maximum attention of the safety rules
Plenty of access stairs and gangways in order to make control and maintenance operations easier
Final dust exhaustion to be placed above the usage point of the sand, with possibility of making an even more careful selection of rejected fines and dust
You will have the best sand at the lowest cost, by the most practical way


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About us

Company details

Company Sider Technology continues the activity of the historical company Sider Progetti, working in the foundry sector for 40 years, designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the Italian and the world’s markets.

Thanks to the many years of experience of its people, Sider Technology is a leading company for NO-BAKE foundries and for all cast iron foundries looking for an efficient, cheap and environment friendly melting technology.

Initially employed in small foundries, there are now rotary furnaces working with a 15/20 t/h delivery.

Particular attention to the environment is also proved by the designing and manufacturing of silicate/sand reclamation plants alongside the phenolic-furanic resins/sand reclamation plants: the use of silicate bonded sand is a great ecological improvement in comparison with resins. Nowadays we can count on numerous operating silicate/sand reclamation plants built with our technology in Europe.

Company activity offers complete lifecycle supply: starting from plant design, to products construction and testing, till on-site assembling and final testing, as well as subsequent maintenance and technical assistance.

Our products:

  • SAND MECHANICAL RECLAMATION PLANTS for sand bonded with phenolic/furanic resins
  • SAND THERMOMECHANICAL RECLAMATION PLANTS for sand bonded with silicate and alkyd resins
  • SAND THERMAL RECLAMATION PLANTS for sand bonded with polyurethanic and urethanic resins
  • FILTERING PLANTS for smokes and dusty air
  • NO-BAKE MOULDING PLANTS for moulds with or without flasks

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees