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Fabio Beverina

Department head/group leader
Manufacturing, production

Via S.Anna 16
21010 Tornavento di Lonate Pozzolo (Va), Italy

+39 0331 301508


Cesare Frigo

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

Via S.Anna 16
21010 Tornavento di Lonate Pozzolo (Va), Italy



Giorgio Tarasi

Department head/group leader
Research, development, design

Via S.Anna 16
21010 Tornavento di Lonate Pozzolo (Va), Italy

+39 0331 301508


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.01  Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.02  Moulding sand mixer

Moulding sand mixer

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.05  Measuring and control equipment for moulding sand preparation

Measuring and control equipment for moulding sand preparation

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.06  Sand coolers

Sand coolers

Our products

Product category: Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Manufacturing program

• Complete green sand preparation plants.
• Return sand reconditioning and cooling plants.
• Rotating pan intensive turbine mixers
• Twin horizontal shaft continuous premixers
• Rotary screens
• Belt conveyors
• Vibrating conveyors
• Bucket elevators
• Bottom bin activators
• Return sand lump breakers and moulding sand aerators
• Over belt and Micro Metallic Magnetic separators
• Pneumatic transport system
• System management equipment for the automatic control of moulding sand characteristics as well as for the additive and moisture additions controls
• Design, manufacture and erection of steel structures.

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Product category: Moulding sand preparation machines and plants


Pre-Mixer-Homogenizer Space MU
Space MU pre mixer homogenizer is the ideal machine for the pre treatment and conditioning of returning green sand.
The MU pre mixer homogenizer unit is used for the addition of water and additives to green sand prior to the bulk sand storage. This equipment not only promotes the spontaneous development of the bentonite but also conditions the sand in a uniform manner, ready for final mixing.
The wide variations in temperature, moisture and core sand dilution found in post shake-out green sands, are major contributors in the generation of poor quality molding sand which leads to casting defects.
With the SPACE MU unit it is possible to provide a reduction in sand defect problems, additive usage, and power consumption, as well as improving casting quality.
The MU mixing trough and dust hood are manufactured from stainless steel for long life.
The special hard facing of the mixing augers ensure long and continuous production with the minimum of maintenance.

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Product category: Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Sand lab

Space GSM “Sand Lab” is the ideal equipment to manage the irregular quality of return green sand.
By measuring the on line characteristics of the prepared sand, such as compactability, compression, green shear, temperature and moisture, it can adjust water and dry additions, automatically, in real time. The GSM “Sand Lab” equipment is the result of constant research and development from Space technical department, in order to supply a device which removes the need of continuous sampling and testing of green sand.
It measures the characteristics of any kind of sand and analyzes compactability, compression, green shear, temperature and moisture.
The measurements for each test are achieved by high accuracy detectors, administrated in real time by a programmable device.
The equipment consists of three main components: return sand measuring unit, prepared sand sampling device and control cabinet.
The return sand measuring unit PGF, analyzes the residual temperature and moisture by means of two sensors placed in the sand stream, while feeding the mixer batch hopper. When measuring is completed, the Space customized software proceeds to average the single values stored in the memory and estimates the quantity of water and additions necessary to achieve the programmed moisture and bond levels. A specimen, taken from the freshly prepared moulding sand, close to the mixer discharge point, is screened to remove all impurities that could affect the results before analysis. A feedback based on actual measurements is readjusting the water and additions make-up in the next batch. This procedure assures continuity of the required physical characteristics within a very narrow range of variability. In fact temperature and moisture are the most unstable features of return sand, and the accurate measurement, assured by our well known instrument PGF, makes the water dosing almost exact.
Available bentonite and fines, on the contrary, are adjusted smoothly, up or down, using archived batch trends.
Feedback, consequent to analysis made on sand ready for moulding, is more reliable when compared to the one produced from a specimen sampled during the mixing operation. This is because of the more consistent homogeneity reached only at the end of a mixing cycle.
Space GSM “Sand Lab” has also proven its reliability and operative accuracy on continuous as well as batch mixers.


  • Return sand temperature sensor
  • Return sand detector
  • Return sand moisture sensor
  • Sand weighing system
  • Additions weighing system
  • Mixer
  • Water batching device
  • Prepared sand temperature sensor
  • Prepared sand detector
  • Sampling device
  • Analogic transducer box
  • Connection box
  • Main switchboard

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Product category: Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Intensive Mixers

Space VR rotating pan batch mixer is enjoying great success among the most modern foundries, both as first supply equipment and as replacement of other systems.

SPACE VR mixer is especially designed for the preparation of mixed material in several fields, such as foundry industry, refractory and clayworks, glassworks, etc.

The pan rotation combined with our turbine blades and scrapers allows for the thorough mixing of the material.

The result is quick and effective homogenizing. The shape and the layout of mixing tools are designed on the basis of the material to be prepared and the industrial field in which the machine is to operate.

Special tungsten carbide anti-wearing coating ensures long life of mixing tools and low maintenance costs.

The pan vertical wall is lined with panels made of anti- wearing steel plate, easy to replace or, optional anti- wearing rubber lining, can also be supplied.

Space VR mixer, together with PGF-GSM control equipment, ensures the best performances and efficiency in the product preparation cycle whether it be sand, glass, ceramic or refractory materials, allowing for important energy saving as well as a reduction of additions consumption.

A large, side, inspection door allows simple access into the machine, to carry out cleaning and maintenance operations.
The anti-dust hood option can be supplied made in stainless steel plate. A system of interlocks and devices, strategically placed, assures the highest safety and protection against the possibility of any accident, both during normal operation as well as maintenance periods.

From all of our installations, it has been possible to equate the following advantages, thanks to the correct use of Space VR mixer:

  • Time reduction of mixing cycle.
  • Consistent stabilization of prepared product parameters.
  • Improvement in environmental conditions.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

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About us

Company details

Space S.r.l. is strongly committed in the design and construction of green sand cooling and preparation plants.

The company was established in 1979, by a team of engineers with a vast accumulated experience and history within the Foundry Industry.

In recent years, the success obtained by Space Srl, in the European, Far Eastern, North and South American markets confirms their high level of technological expertise.

Within the Automotive Sector, very important international foundries consider Space Srl, key partners in their quest for consistent quality and the reliability of equipment.

The equipment range, innovation and evolution, is driven from the specific needs and suggestions of foundry men, with whom a permanent relationship and co-operation is maintained.

A highly qualified team provide for the development of projects according to the specific individual requirements of the client.

After-sales service is readily available, directly from the Company headquarters as well from a team of Agents in foreign markets.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees