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75, rue Louis Arnal Z.A.C les Prés Secs, 69380 Lozanne
Telephone +33 4 78348624
Fax +33 4 78345268

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  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.05  Hearth-type electric melting and holding furnaces

Hearth-type electric melting and holding furnaces

Our products

Product category: Hearth-type electric melting and holding furnaces

Immersion Heating

Are you holding metal in casthouse, foundry or recycling fields?

With Lethiguel be prepared so save energy and time while improving your metal quality and your productivity.

Lethiguel’s immersion heater is an electrical heating system, specially designed for molten aluminium heating. It is intended to be directly immersed into liquid metal. The thermal power is directly brought to the heart of molten metal through conduction.

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Product category: Hearth-type electric melting and holding furnaces

Immersion heating furnaces

Lethiguel designs and sells fully-customized furnaces, built around immersion heating technology, with or without an embedded degassing system.The useful capacity, thermal performances and immersion heater positioning are specifically designed for each customer.

Our engineering bureau, in close cooperation with our team of sales engineers, can build a 100% customized heating solution upon one’s constraints. The whole project is led by a task force whose job is to deliver the right solution within a given deadline


Thanks to Lethiguel’s savoir-faire, our immersion heating furnaces help reduce energy consumption and improve metal quality.

Using heaters in a furnace boosts temperature rising while avoiding oxides.

When used with a degassing system, immersion heaters ensure an optimum metal quality and density.”

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Product category: Hearth-type electric melting and holding furnaces


Optimized temperature maintenance during furnace critical stoppage periods.


Watt Mobill® has been designed to solve the following problems:

Furnace maintenance
T° rising and monitoring
Furnace breakdown
Furnace performance
Designed according to foundry standards, the WattMobil® is the perfect concentrate of an electrical high efficiency immersion heater, and a dolly with an integrated electrical control cabinet. Forwarding the power straight in the heart of molten metal, the WattMobil® ensures both efficient maintaining and rising of the temperature, using 99% of IH power dissipation. Continuous use allows relief of furnace heating roof, thus helping to notably save energy, reduce oxidation of the bath and eliminate the accumulation of corundum.

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About us

Company portrait

Lethiguel was founded in 1976 by Michel Levacher and Marcel Thiercelin, for the initial purpose of selling German crucibles (Tiegel) to French foundries. You may notice the missing u, that was added to ease French pronunciation.