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Clansman Dynamics Ltd.

Stephenson Building, Nasmyth Avenue Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, G75 0QR East Kilbride, Lanarkshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Our products

Product category: Manipulators

Foundry Manipulators

Manipulators have been used in foundries for many years and have proved an effective way of handling and process castings.
Coupled with manipulator mounted or free hanging knock off hammers and  powerbreakers,  the manipulator forms an integral part of the handling process and offers improvments in operator safety and debottlenecking.

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Product category: Manipulators

G45 Grinder

The flexibility of the Clansman G45 when coupled with a Clansman turntable allow castings to be ground on all surfaces.

The G45 utilises a 45Kw electric motor driving a grinding spindle through a multiple “V” belt drive.

The G45 needs to be enclosed in a grinding cell to protect the operators, but due to its compact size, the extraction for the cell can be kept to a minimum.

The G45 grinder is designed as a direct replacement for swing frame grinders. It has a grinding power of 45kW, and we estimate can complete the work of approximately 8 swing frame grinders. It has 4 axes of moment – vertical, horizontal, slew and roll.

The grinding head can tilt ±20°. This type of machine is only really suited for heavy duty grinding on flat surfaces – for example riser stubs.

The G45 grinder is fitted with a 500mm diameter grinding wheel, but is it is difficult to change this to a smaller size due to the size of the grinding head – it makes it very difficult to see a smaller stone.


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Product category: Manipulators

G30P Grinder

The G30P grinding machine has a significantly more complex control system, which allows much more accurate and precise grinding to take place. It also has a smaller and more flexible grinding head which allows for more accurate grinding and allows the G30P grinder to reach more difficult areas of the casting.

It has a grinding power of 30kW, which makes it more suitable to smaller castings. It has 5 axes of movement – vertical, horizontal, slew and 2 axes of roll, allowing 360° movement if the grinding head. It can be fitted with a wide range of different grinding stones and cutting disks.

The G30P machine can also be fitted with a delta motion controller. The delta controller allows both pressure and position control, which allows the machine to follow a surface and provide consistent material removal over a selected area.

The delta controller also has a “teach and learn” facility where in theory the operator can define a set area and the machine will automatically grind away material in that boundary. The semi-automatic function of the delta controller makes the G30P significantly more versatile than the G45 machine.

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About us

Company portrait

Engineering solutions since 1994. This year Clansman Dynamics celebrates 25 years of producing the world’s leading and largest ranges of handling manipulators.

Clansman Dynamics manipulators and robots operate in some of the toughest manufacturing environments in the world but continue to provide supremely robust high-technology solutions for material handling in foundries across the globe. Superior reliability and maximum simplicity means more uptime, lower maintenance costs, and smoother production. Eight sizes of rail or statically mounted manipulator offer capacities up to 20,000 Kgs and a range of 4 Powerbreakers (cutting of riser and gating systems), 3 grinding manipulators and 7 Knock-off canons complete the line-up.

Clansman Dynamics is an award-winning company working in partnership with our customers to develop a world-leading product. A commitment to continuous improvement, quality and customer service means that our customers include some of the world’s best known manufacturers.