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LANIK s.r.o.

Chrudichromská 2376/17, 680 01 Boskovice
Telephone +420 516 428-460
Fax +420 516 428-499

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.03  Refractory gating system parts

Refractory gating system parts

  • 08  Moulding auxiliaries
  • 08.02  Moulding auxiliaries, general

Moulding auxiliaries, general

  • 08  Moulding auxiliaries
  • 08.05  Cores, prefabricated

Cores, prefabricated

  • 09  Gating and feeding
  • 09.03  Filterelements for liquid metals

Filterelements for liquid metals

  • 09  Gating and feeding
  • 09.08  Funnels and filter Systems

Funnels and filter Systems

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.05  Surface treatment materials

Surface treatment materials

Our products

Product category: Filterelements for liquid metals

Ceramic foam filters

Dominant activity of the LANIK s.r.o. company is represented by manufacture and sale of the ceramic foam filters used under the trade name VUKOPOR® mainly in the foundry industry and in the primary aluminium production.
Thanks to the mechanism of creation of the “filter cake” on the inlet filter side and thanks to depth filtration inside the ceramic matrix they represent the effective instrument enabling to reach metallurgical purity of the molten metal during the process of casting. The ceramic foam filters VUKOPOR® also calm mould filling, thus preventing creation of new inclusions and undesirable defects in the casting. The calming effect on mould filling is conditioned by conversion of turbulent liquid metal flow upstream the filter into the laminar flow downstream the filter. 

These VUKOPOR® filter features are conditioned by the open 3D structure of the ceramic matrix created by the system of mutually interconnected cells. The filters are characterized by a very good thermal conductivity, stability and resistance to sudden temperature changes.

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Product category: Cores, prefabricated

Ceramic cores

Ceramic cores MP are designed for castings made by the lost wax method. They are made by the technology of medium pressure injection moulding (mixture of ceramic and wax). This technology is quite tool friendly, means there are not so high requirements for the die and also that the tool has higher life time (compare to other technologies). By our technology cores with thin (0,35 mm) as well as thick (>100 mm) cross sections can be easily produced.

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts


Products of refractory castables represent mainly the supplementary range of other product lines. We are speaking in the majority of cases about the products for the foundry industry, like filtration shaped pieces and boxes, filtration carousels and grids, casting runners, pouring shaped pieces, etc. Products for investment foundries, like ceramic firing muffles, shaped firing auxiliaries for ceramic core firing, kiln cars or prototype pouring cups, represent a specific product line.

We are focused on complex and thin-walled shaped pieces with the wall thickness from ca 10 mm. Weight of the shaped pieces ranges from 1 up to 200 kg. Materials of the shaped pieces are chosen with respect to the application; in the majority of cases the low-cement refractory concrete with kaolin grog or low cement refractory concrete with cordierite grog is used. Insulating refractory castables are used for special applications.

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About us

Company portrait

Our company, developing business since 1991, is the purely Czech private company. The core activity is represented by manufacture and sale of ceramic foam filters, used under the trade name VUKOPOR® in the foundry industry in the sector of primary aluminium production, in petrochemical and food industry as well as for miscellaneous decorative applications. Manufacture of refractory ceramics is the complementary production to filters. Typical products are as follows: different filtering shaped pieces and systems, e.g. filtration carousels and grates, filtration boxes, transport channels, ceramic funnels and other shaped refractory concrete products used mainly in foundries. Products for the precision investment casting technology represent a complete product line. We are speaking about pressed ceramic funnels, injection mould ceramic cores, support crosses, ceramic bars and other auxiliary materials. Production of lubricants and separators for die casting has a long-time tradition in the company.