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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 18  Control systems
  • 18.02  Control equipment, automation technology

Control equipment, automation technology

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.02  Scales and weighing machines

Scales and weighing machines

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.03  Testing of materials and workpieces
  • 19.03.01  Tightness testers

Tightness testers

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.04  Chemical analyses and metallography
  • 19.04.07  Analytical apparatus, others
  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.05  Quality assurance software

Quality assurance software

Our products

Product category: Quality control

Quality-Management - Individual networking of IDECO equipment and other systems for central documentation and data backup

The aim of quality-management is to ensure constant quality. This can only be achieved by continuous testing and documentation of the workflow.

In this situation it is useful, if the results of the different testing methods are available centrally,
rather than being present on each individual test equipment only.

This can be achieved by merging the test equipment to a compound structure.
IDECO equipment as well as devices of other manufacturers can be combined.

With special Software, the gathered data then can be visualized and evaluated for example at a workstation in the office.
Therefore the operator gets a quicker overview about the testing results of a whole process (e.g. a cast).

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Product category: Analytical apparatus, others

Hydrogen-Analyser M313LW

Equipment to determine the hydrogen content in Al-melt according to the principle of the first bubble.

Rotary vane vacuum pump
Heating system for vacuum chamber
Vacuum chamber with chamber-lid and temperature sensor
Indicators: temperature, vacuum, time and ccm/100g
Switch to select up to 6 different alloys
Display shows the name of selected alloy
Start-, Check- and Reset-button
Filter frame with changeable filterpad
2 cooling fans for temperature stabilization of vacuum chamber
Serial interface (RS 232)

1 Sample ladle
1 Sample crucible
1 Pair crucible tongs

Dimensions: ca. W:760 x D:870 x H:1255 mm
Weight: ca. 133 kg
Energy: 230V ~ 50 Hz or 115V ~ 60 Hz, 550 watt

Measuring time: <30 sec.
Range: 0,03-9,99 ccm/100g
Resolution: 0,01

Vacuum compensating controller
Microprocessor controlled
Sightglass acc. to DIN

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Product category: Analytical apparatus, others

Hydrogen Analyser HYCALmini - Hand-held Portable analysis system to determine the hydrogen content in Al-melt alloys.

Hand-held Portable analysis system to determine the hydrogen content in Al-melt alloys. Ideal to be used for spot checks. An electrochemical Sensor provides the signal which varies purely as a function of hydrogen partial pressure (pH2) and temperature. This procedure can be used to optimise and develop metal treatments independently of environmental conditions. Software features: real-time measurement during metal treatment.

- Hycal Analyser (Mini)
- Hycal Probe (800mm)
- Probe Adaptor
- Customised PC software

Stable and accurate reading within 5-10 minutes.

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About us

Company details

As a leading supplier of test- and treatment-technics for fused metal the IDECO GmbH sets guiding standards
since many years for aluminium- producers and -foundries all over the world.

A team of IT-, measuring-, regulation-, and foundry-professionals with practical experience of decades
develops, manufactures and sells custom-made solutions and systems for following ranges:

Cleaning and treatment of aluminium fused metal
Analysis for determination of solidification characteristics, grain refinement, refinement of the prim.Si, modification
Determination of the current porosity potential, controlling the content of hydrogen
Controlling and logging of temperature for melt- and temper-processes

The custom-made documentation of test- and treatment-data including individual link to existing networks
is in the best hands with our soft- and hardware specialists.

Conciderable customers associate our name with:
practice-orientated technics, customer-orientated manufacturing, userfriendly design, professional advice and
training of the operating-personnel, regular maintenance and adjustment of the devices with certificate and seal.

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