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Viale Europa Unita 29, 24043 Caravaggio (BG)
Telephone +39 0363 350776
Fax +39 0363 350549
This company is co-exhibitor of
Thermocast S.P.A.

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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand F57

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THERMPROCESS 2019 fairground map: Hall 9


Lucia Rossi

Francesco Consoli

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.09  Radiant tubes

Our products

Product category: Radiant tubes

Radiant Tubes

n recent years, the need for increasingly high temperatures (beyond 1,100°C) and greater production volumes, besides the constant awareness to energy saving and respect for the environment, have oriented the research towards a new type of radiant tube.

The new tubes, made of 3–4 mm-thick steel sheet, combined with the new-generation burners, are becoming increasingly popular in the more recent CAL and CGL systems, and more and more customers are replacing the old cast tubes with the new sheet metal tubes.

Inside the structure, Nicro has advanced pressing/bending machines, three different laser-cutting machines, and plants for assembly and automated welding. As a result, the company has full control of its production without having to outsource any process.

Furthermore, our technical department is able to simulate the mechanical and thermal behaviour using CAD 3D design software.

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Product category: Radiant tubes


The muffle is an essential part of heat treatment furnaces used for case-hardening, tempering, brazing and annealing treatments. During these treatments, the muffle may be subject to intense thermal, mechanical or chemical stress due to the active atmosphere inside the furnace.

Muffle furnaces can be box-shaped or cylindrical. The most common furnaces have a parallelepiped chamber, although furnaces with arched or vaulted roof are also common. Moreover, we can also find tilting tube, openable and rotary furnaces.

The interior of rotary furnaces is fitted with the retort, the most important element of the furnace, which isolates the atmosphere and creates the part transit movement, usually towards tempering.

Similarly to muffles in conveyor furnaces, the active atmosphere in some chamber furnaces must be contained in a metal muffle. The thermal stress generated in the heating and rapid cooling zones requires special adaptations, as well as combinations of alloys suited to this difficult environment.

Nicro is a premium partner thanks to decades of experience in constructing these products and the acquired knowledge.

In the absence of a construction drawing, we can use reverse engineering to measure the dimensions and collect all the necessary data to construct a new muffle.

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Product category: Radiant tubes

Bells, Bases and Diffusers for Furnaces

Bell furnaces have an extensive application field, including solubilisation of coils, wires, stainless steel or steel rods and annealing of sheet metal or wire rolls.

Nicro is able to provide the complete unit, consisting of the base, plenum, bell, diffusers and fans.

The most common heat treatments include case-hardening, carbonitriding, tempering, annealing and normalising. Each has different requirements – thermal in the heating zone and mechanical in the zone where the charge is placed. In bell furnaces, the material to be treated can be loaded on easily accessible isolated bases, in a straightforward and rapid manner.

The two protective covers, used to seal the space with the charge and the protective gas, separating it from the heated space, can be shifted to the base involved in the heating process using a bridge crane, moving gantry crane or other solutions.

The fixed bases, closing casings and heating and cooling bells ensure shorter treatment times through their successive use on the same charge. Furthermore, bell ovens offer an inexpensive thermal treatment method if used with multiple bases.

A bell furnace is therefore made up of:

- two casings, which are fitted with the fan, also made by Nicro;

- two protective covers that separate the charge from the heated space;

- a cooling cover, which ensures rapid cooling of the charge after annealing.

With these furnaces, the treatments can be carried out on a wide range of materials thanks to the protective atmospheres used.

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Product category: Radiant tubes


Nicro can manufacture a wide range of convection fans for high temperatures, made to drawing and with innovative construction solutions. Our acquired experience enables us to create fans with different thicknesses, suitable for withstanding the stress they are subjected to during operation.

Furthermore, our technical department is able to simulate their mechanical and thermal behaviour using CAD 3D design software.

The purpose of the fans is to agitate and uniform the internal atmosphere of the heat treatment furnaces.

The fans can be supplied with mechanically processed shafts or finished hubs.

The Nicro fan manufacturing process also includes static and dynamic balancing.

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About us

Company portrait

For over 40 years NICRO has been working in the development and fabrication of components in steel alloys with high nickel content, particularly suitable for high temperatures and corrosive environments used in different industrial applications.

Our skilled technical staff and a know-how acquired in the manufacturing of custom-made components enable us to help customers in the very early stage of prototyping and construction drawing development. We also collaborate to suggest modifications to reach better performances and a long lasting life, through the research in alternative materials. On the other side our technical department can do reverse engineering in case of used components that does not have a construction drawing.

NICRO is certified ISO9001:2008, ISO3834-2 and ISO 14001:2015 by SQS, IQNet and Quality Austria. The welders have been qualified for MIG/TIG, electrode, plasma processes for the different materials employed, by the most important certification authorities.

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