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Our products

Product category: Strip processing lines

Strip Stabilisation EMG eMASS®

EMG eMASS® is a turnkey system for stabilising high-speed ferromagnetic steel strip material based on electro magnets. The main area of application is to optimise and economise the use of the metal coating at the blow-off nozzle of a hot-dip galvanising line for zinc coating, GALVALUME®* and aluminisation processes.

The system is installed above the air knife and as close as possible to the air knife lip, which wipes off the liquid metallic layer. Based on the experience of more than 50 installations around the world, EMG designs the integration of eMASS® systems for the air knife area in an optimal and customer-specific manner.

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Product category: Cold rolling mills, Strip processing lines

EMG IMPOC – Measurement of tensile and yield strength

EMG IMPOC is a tried and tested, magnetic-inductive measuring system for automatic, non-destructive online determination of the mechanical properties (tensile strength and yield point) of ferromagnetic steel strip material.

Areas of application include the production of cold-rolled and surface-coated steel strip material, for example, in:
  • Hot-dip galvanising lines 
  • Continuous annealing lines 
  • Tinning lines
  • Continuous pickling lines*
  • Processing lines*
    *on request

The use of the EMG IMPOC system simplifies the evaluation of the quality of the strip and enhances quality assurance during the production process. EMG IMPOC enables continuous evaluation of the mechanical properties over the entire length and width of the strip. If one or more mechanical characteristics exceed their defined limit values, the corresponding strip areas will be notified so that optional additional tests can be carried out. The EMG IMPOC system also allows the operator to vary the process parameters that influence the mechanical characteristics during the production process and to ensure the strip is produced in the required quality.

Measuring principle:
The IMPOC system is based on two identically constructed measuring heads that are arranged on the upper and lower side of the strip. Each measuring head is comprised of a magnetising coil and a high-sensitivity magnetic field sensor. The measuring cycles consist of a local and periodic magnetisation of the running strip by the two magnetising coils. The magnetic field sensors then measure the gradient of the residual magnetic field strength on the upper and lower side of the strip. The mechanical parameters of the steel strip (i.e. tensile strength and yield strength) can then be assigned to this gradient via correlations.

Customer benefits:
  • Safeguarding of product quality
  • Cutting optimisation
  • Increase in yield
  • Reduction of destructive material testing
  • Material selection according to quality criteria
  • Optimisation of the annealing process
  • Optimisation of the rolling and skin pass process
  • Statements regarding the degree of recrystallisation

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Product category: Cold rolling mills, Strip processing lines

EMG SORM® – Roughness measurement

SORM 3plus is an online measuring system that is used for detecting roughness parameters on running strip material. The roughness parameters are an important quality feature of uncoated and surface-refined strip material. The standardised method of measurement that has been used to-date involves using a stylus instrument. When using this method the operator needs to stop the production line or take samples from the coil, after which, measurements are conducted offline in a lab.

In contrast, SORM 3plus is a contact-free, online measuring system that can be used for metallic and many non-metallic surfaces at production speeds of up to 2400 m/min.

Measuring principle:
The SORM 3plus measuring principle is based on an angular measurement of the reflected beam of diffused light. In this process a laser beam is directed onto the material surface and the angle of the reflected diffused light is detected by an angle-sensitive sensor array. The measurement of the angle is repeated every 5 µm up to a maximum length of 300 mm. The surface profile is subsequently calculated, from which the roughness parameters Ra and RPc are determined.

The surface roughness values are permanently stored, displayed to the operator and transferred, if necessary, to a higher-level network. The operator is alerted if the limit values he/she has preset are exceeded, or if any changes are made within the system that could jeopardise the production process.

Customer benefits:
  • Safeguarding of product quality
  • Control and optimisation of the skin pass and/or rolling process
  • Cost reduction by optimising the roll service life
  • Reduction of complaints thanks to an early detection of deviations from the requested roughness range
  • Reduction of rejects as a result of subsequent monitoring and control on the recoiling line
  • Stable forming process thanks to constant roughness parameters
  • Excellent coating results due to a homogeneous surface roughness
  • Cost savings in comparison to manual stylus measurement

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Product category: Cold rolling mills, Strip processing lines

EMG eBACS – Baffle blade control system

In hot-dip galvanising lines the zinc coating thickness on the metal strip is determined by means of compressed air-driven blow-off nozzles (air knives) that are located immediately above the zinc pot. The metal strip passing through the system is enlarged by so called "baffle blades" in this area. The aim of using these baffle blades is to avoid any form of air turbulence, which can lead to damage of the zinc layer in the area around the strip edge.

In this application the baffle blades must continuously follow the strip edges, whose position can change due to swarming of the strip or alteration of the strip width. Inductive edge sensors here enable high-precision and contact-free tracking of the baffle blades, thereby preventing damage to the strip edges that can otherwise be caused by the chipping of zinc and/or through the mechanical contact of rollers.

Two inductive BMI4 strip edge sensors are installed on the existing baffle blades for this purpose. The positions of the strip edges are continuously monitored and the baffle blades are automatically tracked. The required gap between the baffle blades and the strip edge is monitored and readjusted at all times. If necessary, this gap can be flexibly adapted to changing production conditions during the ongoing production process via the electronics.

Customer benefits:
  • Homogeneous zinc coating of the strip edge
  • No chipping of the zinc layer
  • No deformation of the strip edge
  • Contact-free position measurement
  • High-precision edge tracing
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Compact integration
  • Avoidance of mechanical contact rollers

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Product category: Cold rolling mills, Strip processing lines

EMG SOLID® – Oil layer measurement

EMG SOLID® is a system that is used for the online measurement of oil layers on running strip material (SOLID = Surface Oil Layer Inline Determination).

The increased demands on new materials and more complex components require a greater process reliability. The oil layer has also become extremely important for the forming process of steel and aluminium sheet products. Ever increasing demands with regard to a uniform and defined lubricant layer are particularly apparent in the automotive industry.

The typical application spectrum of EMG SOLID® ranges from the rolling mill, where the initial application of oil is implemented, to metal processors, for whom sufficient lubrication in the forming process and an oil-free surface before coatings or paintings are applied, are essential.

EMG SOLID® performs an online measurement within the production line to determine the layer over the entire width and length and then visualises it over the entire measured surface. 

Customer benefits:
  • Technology selection depending on your individual demands and application requirements:
    Infrared spectroscopy: EMG SOLID® IR
    Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy: EMG SOLID® LIF
  • EMG optimises its existing solutions continuously
  • EMG combines advisory skills with long-term service and support
  • Only EMG offers such a wide product portfolio including both quality assurance and strip guiding systems.

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Product category: Strip processing lines

hotCAM – Optical position measurement on hot strip

The hot rolling process is typically a combination of a reversing stand (roughing stand) and a finishing line with several roll stands.

To ensure process reliability in a hot rolling mill, it is extremely important to maintain a defined position of the strip between the roll stands. The continuous measurement of the strip position enables an optimum adjustment of the rolling force and rolling gap.

Continuous control of the centre position in a finishing line also reduces strip guiding cobbles, which could otherwise result in serious damage and interruptions to the production process.

Performance features:
  • A CMOS area scan camera takes near infrared (NIR) pictures of the hot strip; minimum strip temperature 820°C
  • Strip edges are reliably detected
  • Mathematical algorithms compensate for interference, such as mist, dust and steam
  • The software accurately calculates the position and width of the strip

Customer benefits:
After realising a closed control circuit (sensor and rollers) based on the measured values generated by EMG's hotCAM system, you, as the system operator, will be able to benefit from the following advantages:
  • Optimum strip positioning in the rolling mill
  • Control of the centre position through optimised adjustment of the rollers
  • Reduction of cobbles between the roll stands
  • Prevention of collisions between the strip and the mechanical strip guiding rail
  • Reduction of roller and strip damage
  • Optimisation of coil quality

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Product category: Cold rolling mills, Strip processing lines

EMG Strip Guiding - Quality during continuous strip processing

For metal strip production, treatment and processing, the material, which is supplied in the form of coils, is unwound and then fed to the production process. In most cases, it is rewound into coils thereafter so as to allow convenient transport. Due to its geometric shape, metal strip material tends to run unevenly from the deflector rolls in the treatment line. 

The strip guiding system serves to keep a strip, which shows such tendency, in the centre of the system or in any other defined position. The strip guiding system thereby prevents damage to the product or the production plant and ensures that the strip runs evenly through the production process. 

Due to ever increasing quality demands and high availability in combination with reduced operating and maintenance personnel, however, requirements are constantly increasing which has a great impact on the quality of strip guiding systems and their components.

As a rule, a strip guiding system consists of a selection of the following components:
  • Electronics
  • Sensor systems
  • Actuators
With more than 70 years of experience EMG offers beside components of the three categories above complete individual strip guiding systems.

Just contact us!

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Company news



28 Mar 2019

EMG eMASSⓇ Strip Stabilising System at Tata Steel Shotton generates substantial savings

In November 2018 the projects and hot dip galvanising (HDG) team at Tata Steel’s Shotton site and EMG successfully completed the installation of an electromagnetic strip stabilisation system EMG eMASS® at the HDG #6 line. 

Shotton Works is located in Deeside, North Wales, in the UK and manufactures approximately 500,000 tonnes of metallic and pre-finished steel per year for building envelope, domestic and consumer applications.  

Simon McCormick, Site Development Projects Manager, said: “The primary purpose of the strip stabiliser is to hold the strip flat as it passes through the air knives. Once fully optimised, the new device will not only control the amount of zinc deposited onto the strip and improve the coating consistency, it will also reduce how much is used and lead to substantial savings – depending on the price of zinc and the product being produced.” 

The proven eMASS® system, in this installation equipped with 6 pairs of individual moveable magnets – a recent technical development - was installed above an air knife already in production use for a longer time. The installation situation above an existing air knife is always somewhat difficult, above all because of the crane paths to be kept free for removing the pot roll. The solution here consists of a combination of movable system supports and height-adjustable magnet housings, which ensure accessibility of the nozzle system for maintenance purposes without removal of the eMASS structure itself. Due to the excellent teamwork between the engineering and projects department at Tata Steel and EMG as well as with external contractors the commissioning went like clockwork. From approval to successful commissioning, the project had a duration of one year. 

The combination of EMG eMASS® and the additional EMG eBACS system for contact free lateral strip edge detection and baffle blade control ensures highest coating quality at full throughput. This investment reflects Tata Steel’s commitment to developing high end products for customers and sustainable production. 

Got curious? Would you like to know more about EMG eMASS® and EMG eBACS and the related application possibilities? Please feel free to contact our sales department, our international sales organisation or our product manager Mr. Steffen Dombrowski ( at any time.

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About us

Company portrait

EMG is the specialist when it comes to intelligent and complex automation solutions and, in our capacity as a technological leader, we are the supplier of choice for our customers.

The main areas of application for series products, individual components and complex system solutions from the EMG group include continuous production processes in the metal, paper and plastic sectors, as well as in the foil and tyre industries. 

As a long-established company and global market leader with more than 70 years of experience, EMG's Automation division offers its customers complete solutions for their individual requirements. The consultation, joint planning and intensive support measures we provide for our customers right up to the commissioning phase play a decisive role in addition to our purely technical products. In this respect, we focus on process automation and visualisation, as well as on process control and monitoring aspects. 

With our high quality strip guiding systems we provide our customers with safe, low-maintenance and technically advanced components, as well as complete solutions which optimally support their respective technological manufacturing process.   

The innovative quality assurance systems from EMG Automation continuously optimise our customers' manufacturing processes and consequently increase production and product quality. We thereby enable our customers to satisfy the ever-growing demands on their end product.

Company data

Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1946
Area of business Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills

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