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Weisshaar GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 36 10, 32080 Bad Salzuflen
Max-Planck-Str. 65, 32107 Bad Salzuflen
Telephone +49 5222 9273-0
Fax +49 5222 9273-33

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Plant and systems for environmental protection and disposal, gas purification
  • 09.06  Ancillary equipment
  • 10  Electrical engineering and process control technology
  • 10.01  Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.02  Lifting and conveying systems

Lifting and conveying systems

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.04  Transport and storage techniques

Transport and storage techniques

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.08  Occupational safety and ergonomics

Occupational safety and ergonomics

Our products

Product category: Ancillary equipment

Liquid cooler FKL

In contrast to conventional chillers, our liquid coolers FKL are tailor-made solutions and take into consideration all sector and product-specific features.

We simultaneously manufacture ready-to-connect consumer circuits, which are fully piped and integrated in the ideal hydraulic circuit.

The electric control cabinet is also normally built on the liquid cooler unit’s frame. The controller is integrated in the electrical control cabinet and can also be fitted with a process visualisation as required. A Simatic S7 is our preferred choice for this task.

WEISSHAAR liquid coolers can be manufactured and mounted as compact systems or as split systems. With a split liquid cooler unit, the air cooled compressor is installed separately, usually on the façade or the roof of the building. The waste heat from the refrigeration is then discharged outside the building and does not affect the building air-conditioning. We of course provide you with competent advice about recovering energy from this waste heat process.

Only high quality components, which are also locally available, are used in our liquid coolers FKL in order to ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction. Depending on the temperature range or sector, the ideal refrigerant is also used in regard to the current F-gas Regulation.

In addition to the need for reliable — also often redundant — operation, we place particular importance on energy-efficient refrigeration at low operating costs when designing our systems. Part of the potential energy saving concepts is already integrated into our standards. We will be happy to further optimise your system to meet your exact requirements. Significantly savings can be achieved in the operating phase with very little financial expenditure in the investment phase.

Weisshaar offers free comprehensive consultation at an early project stage to achieve an ideal, reliable and economic solution for our customers. After commissioning, our equipment is also maintained by our service technicians worldwide to ensure efficient operation.

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Product category: Ancillary equipment

Grain refrigeration devices (GKT)

Optimal warehouse storage via refrigerated conservation

Grain is one of the worlds most important raw materials and also one of the most important basic foods. Unfortunately, large quantities of grain spoil in silos every year or may only still be used at maximum as feed grain due to incorrect storage.

Cereals (grains and oilseeds) should ideally be stored dry and cool in order to prevent loss of breathability due to metabolic processes and insect infestation. As a result of storage at harvest temperatures without refrigeration, carbohydrates in the cereals are converted to water and heat. This causes loss of substance and the increase of gain pests such as grain weevils and mould fungus and mycotoxins is favoured.

WEISSHAAR grain refrigerator have been developed especially for speedy and low-cost refrigeration of cereals of all types. Our product palette (see download area) enables to cover all sizes of family-owned storage facilities of up to 500 t and large-scale storage facilities up to 15,000 t and more. Our grain refrigerators are still able to be expanded with various options to ensure perfect commercial adaptation to the respective conditions.

Our grain refrigerators lead the in-feed external air through an efficient refrigeration register and cool it to the pre-set temperature. To protect the grain refrigerator and ballast, the fresh air is cleaned beforehand by a generous pocket filter system. During subsequent cooling, the dew-point of the fresh air is dropped below and condensate water is omitted. The result is drying and refrigeration of the most external air and increased relative humidity.

Cereals are hygroscopic! A moisture balance forms between the grain and the cool air from the grain refrigerator. In order to prevent moistening of the ballast, the increased relative moisture must be lowered again via refrigeration of the process air. WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators are therefore equipped with a moisture guard as a standard. The thermal energy required for this is provided via a heating pump switch so that no additional electrical energy needs to be consumed.

With WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators, dry refrigeration may also be implemented as a side effect by lowering the moisture of the grain slightly in addition to the temperature.

All WEISSHAAR grain refrigerators feature an electronic control system including diverse operating modes. This results in the optimal control, regulation, and monitoring of the refrigeration process. Secure and commercially effective provision of the optimal cool air volume flow is therefore guaranteed. A clearly laid-out modern touch panel is used for input and communication. The respective operating type controls the device in energy-efficient automatic mode, which provides maximum operating safety and a high degree of efficiency.

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Product category: Ancillary equipment

Air cooling and drying units (LKTA, LK, LKL)

With our air-conditioning systems, we can cover virtually all quantities of air, temperature and dew point ranges.
Our customised devices are primarily used in the process air area for use wherever conventional devices in the field of technical building equipment cannot provide satisfactory solutions. In addition to a wide service range, our air-conditioning units can take into consideration customer-specific factory standards or specific hygiene requirements.

We can already cover a wide range of services with our standardised designs, the LK, LKTA or LKL process air coolers. The proven and advanced devices offer an ideal price-performance ratio, especially for the pneumatic transportation of bulk materials.

Our process air coolers (LK) are characterised by very low pressure loss and are ideal for air cooling and air drying of pneumatic flow rates. Of course, other applications are also possible. The process air cooler (LK) is filled with a water-glycol mixture, which is either supplied by the customer or by a WEISSHAAR liquid cooler.

Our compact process air cooler units (LKTA) are always used wherever individual process volume flows are to be conditioned and no refrigerant (e.g. water-glycol), which is supplied by the customer, can be used. The refrigeration is integrated directly in the LKTA process air cooler and ensures stand-alone operation of the chiller without additional costs and thus without the associated assembly. Depending on the condition of the machinery room, we can offer our LKTA device as a split unit with an external air-cooled condenser. The condenser heat is then discharged outside the machinery room without adversely affecting the building’s air-conditioning system.

Our air-to-air cooler series (LKL) is primarily used for pre-cooling a compressed process air flow. The compression heat can be initially discharged to the outside air using an air-to-air cooler in an energy-efficient manner and without supplying expensive cooling medium. If additional cooling is required, a corresponding after-cooler is installed, whose load is efficiently reduced by the upstream air-to-air cooler, depending on the ambient temperature.

Please contact us about how to use the valuable waste heat of this process air. We have already implemented a number of beneficial heat recovery installations.

With low dew points (< 4°C), an additional drying step is required in addition to the traditional cool drying. After the pre-drying stage, the process volume flow passes through a sorption dryer, which is already integrated in the system. The sorption dryer consists of a rotating drying wheel which contains highly hygroscopic material that binds moisture from the air.

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About us

Company portrait

We are a medium-sized company with 65 employees and have specialised in equipment and plants in the field of refrigeration and systems engineering in various industries. Our technology is used especially for complex production and cooling processes, where customised, reliable as well as economic and energy-efficient solutions are in demand.

If necessary, our systems can be tailored to meet customised factory standards and national regulations, energy saving concepts. In addition, corrosive or explosive atmospheres can also be taken into consideration, for example. We produce exclusively in Germany (Bad Salzuflen) and only use high quality components that are available worldwide. Our production area covering more than 4500 m² consists of in-house welding shops for stainless steel and mild steel, a sheet metal processing area, switch cabinet construction area, an in-house paint shop and a final assembly area for each product category.

We have been supplying OEM customers and original equipment manufacturers with our customised refrigeration technology for over 30 years. Our main priority is our high quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our customers outsource the field of refrigeration and systems engineering to specialists, use our expertise and can offer your own customers an extensive and complete range of products.

Our dedication to quality does not stop with the sale: take advantage of our global service and technical systems support.