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Via IV Novembre, 42, 20012 Cuggiono (MI)
Telephone +39 02 97250329
Fax +39 02 97257070

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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand D16

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THERMPROCESS 2019 fairground map: Hall 9

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  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.06  Ceramics
  • 01.06.04  Brazing

Our products

Product category: Brazing


SIM S.r.l. is a company specialized in the manufacturing of technological products for the high temperatures industry. These products are used in several industries, such as: ceramics, jewelry, dental equipment, foundry and metallurgy, wire drawing and metal annealing, glass, food and petrochemical. Our production is based on the manufacturing if technical ceramics such as pipes, tubes, supporting- resistors plates, pressed, extruded and cast shaped materials. The complete range of our mixtures includes: thermoelectric mixtures with high percentage of alumina (SIM.TDE 70-80-90 % Al2O3) to create shaped materials supporting resistors (electric furnace industry); melted silica (SIM. SiO2) and lightened ceramic (SIM.CAST) mixtures (non ferrous alloy industry); zirconium and zirconium-mullite mixtures (SIM.ZIRK 80 and SIM.ZRK/MUL) (steel mills and nonferrous alloy foundries, petrochemical industries). The production run is carried out on three different processing types: extrusion (pipes and tubes), pressing (plates, hollow tiles, circular sectors) and casting (molded parts of any shapes non-mechanically feasible). Innovative is also the under-vacuum casting department by means of de-pressurized tanks, to make mixtures in complete absence of air and in close porosity (metallurgy, foundry and petrochemical industries).

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Product category: Brazing


To complete the range of technical elements concerning the industrial furnaces, metallurgy and high temperatures fields, in May 2004 SIM S.r.l. acquired and incorporated ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.M., a Company specialized in the marketing of wires and metal straps for electrical resistors and in the production of finished electrical resistors and heating elements.

The acquisition allowed us to establish a specialized workshop for the production of electrical resistors, with or without t-weld, of the terminal element (cold part), thread and drilling of the terminal element, according to specific customer’s requirements. We have also equipped a lab for the quality control of both the incoming wire and the outcoming finished product. The main controls we make are: – Electrical resistor control (ohm/mt.) through a specific measurement bridge equipped with a digital micro-hommeter; – Diameter and ovality control, through thousandth-micrometer with comparator; – Visual control of surface-appearance and of the winding; – Possibility of comparison of the producer’s chemical analysis with our external certified lab.

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Product category: Brazing


 SIM S.r.l. SiC heating elements are silicon carbide heating elements. SiC are rod shaped or tubular depending on the diameter. They have a central heating section referred to as a hot zone and two terminal sections called cold ends. There are two types of SIM S.r.l. SiC: 1) The cold ends are impregnated with silicon metal — referred to as one piece, and 2) low resistance cold ends which are furnace welded to the hot zone — referred to as a three piece or LRE (Low Resistance End) type. This lower electrical resistance cold end causes them to operate at a lower temperature. The extremities of the elements are metallized with aluminum to provide a low resistance contact surface to which the electrical connections are made using braided aluminum straps. SIM S.r.l. SiC resistors are described by giving the overall length, the heating section length, and the diameter. As an example, RI 43 x 24 x 1 is a SIM S.r.l. 43” overall with a 24” hot zone, and 1” in diameter.

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About us

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SIM S.r.l. aims to become a reference point for the electric heating industry. Always attentive to the customer’s full satisfaction, SIM S.r.l. wants to offer the complete range of spare parts, useful for the construction and operation of industrial electric furnaces (heating elements, supporting ceramics and thermal insulating ceramics, temperature measuring and control tools). Since its inception, in fact, SIM S.r.l. has been investing both in improving the quality of its “historic” articles (i.e. ceramics) and in acquiring knowledge about ancillary components. For this reason, SIM S.r.l. can be defined as a leader in the provision of both technical ceramics, of electric resistors and thermocouples, as well as of the revamping / maintenance / installation of components for industrial electric furnaces.