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Suyash Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

S. No. 145, Pune-Saswad Road Fursungi, 412 308 Pune, Maharashtra

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GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand H02

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Anant Kakatkar



Satish Kelkar

+91 98220 60279


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Our products

Product category: Temperature measuring instruments, Thermal analysis equipment, Quality control

SUYASH Carbon Silicon Analyzers, Online Thermal Analysis Equipments, Temperature Indicators, Oxy Labs, Oxy probes, Temperature probes, Carbon Cups, Carbon Equivalant Cups, Samplers Etc

The Euipments widely used in Iron Foundries, Steel plants, Mini Steel plants, CCM plants etc,
The Universal probes, Fast and Accurate, interchangeable for furance laddle and CCM, The oxy probes used in Steel plants.
For iron Foundry :- The Carbon Cups - Square cup 300 Gram, round cup 60 grams fast and accurate for Composition CE, C and Si for Grey iron, Ductile Iron and Malleable iron
The Carbon Equivalant cups - 300 Gram Square for After inoculation for Grey iron and After treatment for Ductile iron.
to show various parameters like Liquidus Temperature, recalescence, Eutectic Temperatures, Shrinkage Area, End of Freezing etc for Grey iron.
Nodularity, Nodule Count, Residual Mg, recalescence, Eutectic Temperature, End of Freezing, Type of solidification for SG iron.

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Product category: Temperature measuring instruments, Thermal analysis equipment, Quality control

Temperature Tip TP

Fast and accurate temperature sensors for use in large furnaces, or applications that require deep immersion (electric arc furnaces, large induction or holding furnaces).

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Product category: Temperature measuring instruments, Thermal analysis equipment, Quality control


SamTem is a dependable and accurate combined Sampler and Temperature probe to draw a molten metal sampler (available in a wide range of deoxidants and lenghts) simoultaneously to the temperature reading.
SamTem is usable plug and play with the standard thermocouple holder assembly or BSE manipulator.
One immersion provides instant bath temperature and one round separate metallurgical sample for spectrographic analysis. The great innovation of this combined sensor lies in the fact that two separate analysis procedures (temperature reading and sampling) can be effected simultaneously, with only one immersion. This means one stop in production cycle instead of two, which can be easily translated in considerable time saving, and, most important, energy saving. Last but not least, the "two in one" means greater protection of the operator's safety.

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About us

Company portrait

SATISH KELKAR and ANANT KAKATKAR,  Enginners, Promoters and Directors of Suyash, Specialized themselves in Thermal Analysis Technology. Suyash mainly serves in Iron - Steel and Ferrous Foundry  Industry. The design competence and the back up of Research & Development gave Birth to Temperature Measuring Instruments, Carbon Silicon Analysers, Temperature measurement tips, Samplers, Oxygen probes and Carbon Cups.

Unique design of Carbon Cups with its state of the art software, encouraged SUYASH to go for world wide Patent. With all the systems as well as SAP in place, ISO 9001 certification and CE marking has been a natural outcome.

For Iron and steel, many products like Temperature tips, Samplers , 2in1 products, Oxygen probes and complete set of instrumentation like Temperature indicators, oxy-lab developed in-house, are available