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Sabine Häcker

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Product categories

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.06  Measuring instruments and components
  • 03.06.04  Pressure measurement
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.06  Measuring instruments and components
  • 03.06.06  Moisture content measuring
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.06  Measuring instruments and components
  • 03.06.08  Temperature measurement
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.01  Electrical equipment
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.03  Process control technology
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.05  Process control equipment
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.06  Process simulation and software
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.09  Other control equipment
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.09  Test technology
  • 03.09.01  Analysis technology and lab equipment
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.09  Test technology
  • 03.09.02  Measuring instruments

Our products

Product category: Engineering and technical consulting, Automatisation, Process simulation and software, Process optimization

On to JUPITER! JUMO products are entering the digital future with a new hardware and software platform

The platform approach brings numerous advantages when developing products and is already the standard approach in many industries today. As of 2019 JUMO will also pursue this strategy. The pioneer for the new JUPITER platform is the JUMO variTRON automation system. Further products will follow. During the development of the platform great importance was placed on the scalability of the hardware and software.

The result is a modular, flexible, and above all sustainable hardware platform, combined with a modern software architecture. The basis is a hardware platform with an 800 MHz processor which is used as a single, dual, or quad core variant depending on the application. The CPU module is pluggable and can be adapted to the requirements of a device via interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, PCIe, UART, SPI, I²C, and GPIOs. Higher performance or lower performance processors can be used depending on customer requirements.

The software has a modular structure based on a Linux platform and enables very good scalability for performance, memory, and interfaces. High standards in Internet security and cryptography enable users to always be on the safe side, even in cloud computing.

The JUPITER platform also keeps with the times when it comes to connectivity. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard. State-of-the-art TFT displays can also be connected. Intuitive operating concepts, multi gesture control, and animated image transitions are no longer a problem.

The JUPITER platform will be used for the first time in 2019 within the JUMO variTRON automation system. It will ensure a considerable leap into the future. Up to 64 intelligent connection modules are then possible for JUMO variTRON and a maximum of 10 operating panels can be connected in parallel via Ethernet.

JUMO provides visualization libraries for individual customer-specific operation via CODESYS Remote Target Visu and WebVisu. Flexibility is also guaranteed by the integration of all important fieldbus systems via CODESYS (such as Modbus RTU / TCP master and slave, PROFINET controller, EtherCAT master, and OPC UA server). Connection to higher-level control systems as devices is possible via a PROFINET interface. In addition, a new router module and a digital I/O module will be available for the automation system as of 2019.

After its launch in the JUMO automation system the JUPITER platform will gradually become the basis for further JUMO products such as paperless recorders, multichannel measuring devices for liquid analysis, or process and program controllers. Connectivity to existing JUMO products, such as digital sensors, will also be improved. As a result, new application areas will be opened up.

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Product category: Automatisation, Process optimization

Endless Possibilities with the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 – Highly scalable paperless recorder with intuitive operation

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 is the new top-of-the range model from the successful JUMO paperless recorder series. It is highly scalable in terms of measurement input and output cards so that it can be adapted flexibly to different applications. These equipment options range from a device version without measurement input to versions with a maximum of 18 measurement inputs, 3 analog outputs, 18 digital inputs, 24 individually switchable digital inputs and outputs, and 7 relay outputs.

The device comes with a shallow depth of just 119 mm, thereby saving valuable space during installation. Furthermore, startup of the device is reliable and simple due to PUSH IN terminals. The 5.7" TFT color screen is touch based. The ICON-based system in most cases only requires a maximum of 3 "touch movements" to display the requested process data.

Through a PROFINET interface up to 60 analog and digital channels can be recorded as well as 120 external analog and digital inputs displayed. The device also has up to 8 counter inputs, which facilitates flow measurement based on fast digital pulse generators.

Manipulation detection based on the latest hash algorithms with digital certificate ensures the highest level of security during data acquisition. A sealable terminal cover on the rear for the connections provides protection against unauthorized access to the sensor terminals.

Plant visualization or the display of process states is possible with up to 10 customer-specific process screens. Each of these can display up to 100 objects. By using "structured texts" (ST code) individual applications are implemented in a flexible manner. As a result the recording process data is even more reliable and incorrect entries are avoided. The process values can be displayed using an app on smartphones or tablets.

In the diagram view, the user can activate up to 2 help lines per measuring channel. This gives the user a faster overview and evaluation of process limits on the recorder and the PC. It also provides security when evaluating critical process signals.

Data is recorded in a variable memory cycle as of 125 ms and saved on a 1 GB internal memory medium. USB flash drives can be used as external storage devices. For documentation verification of quality-related data the user has access to up to 5 adaptable batch reports with automatic batch printout.

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 has cULus approval, which is important for the North American market, and supports the FDA-compliant data recording according to 21 CFR Part 11. Furthermore, it meets the heat treatment requirements according to AMS2750 und CQI-9.

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Product category: Engineering and technical consulting, Process optimization

JUMO thermoCOR Supports Compliance with AMS2750 and CQI-9 Standards – Compact solution for calibrating industrial furnaces

The "AMS2750" and "CQI-9" standards describe the requirements of the aerospace industry and automotive industry regarding thermal process devices used in heat treatment. The JUMO thermoCOR measuring system offers a compact system for both requirements that can be used to perform the required SAT and TUS tests.

The key component is a high-precision cold junction. The JUMO thermoCOR has an overall capacity of up to 12 freely configurable thermocouple inputs and four configurable universal inputs to which such devices as RTD temperature probes or pressure transmitters can be connected.

The test equipment is calibrated by JUMO in its own DAkkS laboratory and meets the tolerance limit requirements according to the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards.

The touch display enables easy handling with variable process screens. A master and user management system enables all activities to be easily understandable and all measured values to be acquired so that they are tamper-proof. The data is transmitted via LAN or USB interface through the JUMO PCC communication software to the JUMO PCA evaluation software. A protocol can then be prepared after testing.

Interested parties can either purchase JUMO thermoCOR in full and perform all the tests independently or commission JUMO to carry out the tests. In this case, the Service department performs all the tasks for the customer up to and including the preparation of test protocols. Furthermore, JUMO also plans all necessary recalibrations so that no deadlines are forgotten.

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Product category: Electrical equipment, Automatisation, Process optimization, Temperature control device

Thyristor Power Controllers for Simple Heating Applications – JUMO TYA S201 and S202 as high-quality entry-level models

JUMO has extended its comprehensive range of high-quality power controllers with 2 sophisticated entry-level models: the JUMO TYA S201, a one-phase thyristor power controller for burst-firing operation, and the JUMO TYA S202, a three-phrase thyristor power controller for burst-firing operation in economy circuits.

Both thyristor power controllers can be used in industrial ovens and dryers, in flow-type and air heaters, as well as in simple heating applications for currents of 20 to 250 A. The devices can be put into operation quickly and easily using the optional PROFINET interface. They can be installed in a particularly space-saving manner due to the close mounting.

Both devices have a "Teach-In" function. This self-learning function allows the partial load failure detection limits to be set automatically. The cyclical calibration ensures that monitoring is permanent and precise, even if the specifications of the heating element change.

Direct access to all relevant process data provides a quick overview of the machine state and allows for predictive maintenance through integrated diagnostic systems.

The configuration of the power controllers can be carried out directly on the devices without additional tools via a keyboard and a plain text display. All of the configuration parameters can be transferred from the control to the power controller, which is a unique feature in this device class.

A setup program can be used to also configure via a USB interface. Here, the transfer of the setup data directly to the device is possible without a voltage supply.

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Product category: Pressure measurement, Temperature measurement, Automatisation, Process optimization, Temperature control device

JUMO Safety Performance: Functional Safety – Hassle-Free!

JUMO Safety Performance is a new brand from JUMO. Products marked with this brand are suitable for safety-related plants. These include devices that are SIL and PL certified, but also passive elements that are suitable for use in SIL and PL measuring chains. These are labeled with "SIL qualified" and "PL qualified".

The JUMO safetyM STB/STW is an attractive alternative to the safety programmable logic controller. This safety limiter/monitor is equipped with three different functional outputs and enables the simple implementation of a compact one-channel safety controller. Such a solution is especially well suited for smaller applications like special machines or individual applications with low signal density or low number of signals.

Different temperature probes can be directly connected to the JUMO safetyM without transmitters. Other measurands such as pressure, level, or flow can be measured using a normal input signal.

Different temperature probes can be directly connected to the JUMO safetyM without transmitters. Other measurands such as pressure, level, or flow can be measured using a normal input signal.

Based on decades of experience in temperature measurement technology and safety controllers, JUMO has already developed a safety-related compact solution for the temperature measurand which does not require further verifications or calculations. Here, the one-channel safety controller JUMO safetyM is combined with JUMO RTD temperature probes or thermocouples. The manufacturer's declaration issued by JUMO establishes a certified SIL 3/PL e compact solution.

Compact solutions for the measurands pressure, level, and flow can be designed up to SIL 2 und PL d depending on the choice of sensor technology and actuators. The calculation is done by the user. The JUMO Safety Performance team of experts supports the user with the calculations for compliance with the specified directives.

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Product category: Automatisation, Engineering and technical consulting, Temperature control device, Process optimization, Process control equipment

JUMO mTRON T – The scalable measuring, control, and automation system

JUMO mTRON T combines a universal measured value acquisition system with a precise control system offering intuitive operation. It can also be expanded into a complete automation solution. The scalability of the JUMO mTRON T allows it to be individually adapted to a particular task. Tamper-proof data recording is just one of its outstanding features. Control and data recording therefore meet the requirements of the AMS 2750 and CQI-9 specifications.

The heart of the JUMO mTRON T is a central processing unit with a process map for up to 30 input and output modules. The CPU has superordinated communication interfaces including web server functionality. For individual control applications, the system has a PLC (CODESYS V3), program generator, and limit value monitoring functions as well as math and logic modules.

Various components are available as input and output modules (e.g. analog input modules with galvanically isolated universal analog inputs for thermocouples, RTD temperature probes, and standard signals). As a result the same hardware can be used to precisely record and digitize a highly diverse range of process variables. Every multichannel controller module supports up to 4 PID control loops with a fast cycle time and proven control algorithms. The control loops here operate fully independently which means that they do not require resources from the central processing unit. Overall the system allows for simultaneous operation of up to 120 control loops so that it can also be used for sophisticated processes. Through expansion slots the inputs and outputs of each controller module can be individually expanded and adapted. Power controllers can also be connected directly via the system bus.

A multifunction panel visualizes the measured values and enables convenient operation of the overall system.
User-dependent access to parameter data and configuration data can also be set up. Using standard predefined screen masks, startup times are considerably reduced. The recording functions of a fully-fledged paperless recorder, including additional web server functionality, are also implemented in the multifunction panel. The data recording function is
tamper-proof and also provides comprehensive batch reporting. Proven PC programs are available for extracting and evaluating historical data. If required, the JUMO mTRON T can be made even more flexible with additional operating panels.

A setup program is used for hardware and software configuration as well as for project planning of the measured value recording and control tasks. Users can also develop their own highly efficient automation solutions with CODESYS editors according to IEC 61131-3. Last but not least, JUMO digiLine sensors for liquid analysis can also be connected directly to the JUMO mTRON T via PLC application.

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Product category: Pressure measurement, Moisture content measuring, Temperature measurement, Temperature control device, Electrical equipment, Engineering and technical consulting, Process control technology, Automatisation, Process control equipment, Process simulation and software, Process optimization, Other control equipment, Analysis technology and lab equipment, Measuring instruments

Measurement and control technology for the industrial furnaces

Glass, ceramic, clay, and steel are the materials we en- counter every day. However, only manufacturers are aware of the requirements the furnaces have to meet and the kinds of extreme process conditions they have to withstand during manufacturing and processing.

Here, JUMO is at your side as a reliable partner to help when you have questions and to provide you with quick solutions. This is so regardless of whether the temperature in the furnaces you manufacture has to be controlled, adjusted, monitored, recorded, or visualized.

So how do we do it? By applying years of experience and professional expertise. JUMO has been a leading manufacturer of measurement and control technology for more than 65 years. This has helped us to become an expert partner for industrial furnace construction.

We place special importance on making regular new developments, on constantly improving existing products, and on continually making production methods more economical. This is the only way that we can achieve the highest level of innovation.

For industrial furnace construction JUMO offers you a range of innovative solutions for different applications.
This brochure provides you with an overview of JUMO products and systems for industrial furnace construction. Of course, we would also be happy to develop individual solutions that are completely customized to your requirements.

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JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. Now in the third generation of activity as a family-owned enterprise, JUMO has a staff of more than 2,300 employees throughout the group. It is very well established, with 5 subsidiaries in Germany, 25 subsidiaries in Germany and abroad, and more than 40 agencies around the world.

The extensive product spectrum from JUMO covers components and system solutions for the measurement, control, recording and analysis of physical and chemical parameters. The products range from sensors for temperature, pressure and analytical measurement up to complete automation solutions. JUMO products and systems are used in a very wide variety of sectors in the capital goods industries. In the field of industrial temperature sensors for heat meters, JUMO has been the world market leader for years.

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