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FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

Sela pri Dolenjskih Toplicah 47, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice
Telephone +386 7 3845100
Fax +386 7 3845115
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Benjamin Hlebec

Marko Levstek

Aljaž Molek

Bojan Črtalič

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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Surface treatment plants

De-coring of castings

This is a universal machine for foundries. It has been designed to have high flexibility for internal cleaning of different casts. It was designed for a customer who has a big variety of different products and they wanted to have a repeatable process and controlled cleaning of cast sand from their castings.

We are very proud of the ROBODECORE machine and to be the first supplier with such flexible machinery on the market.

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Product category: Surface treatment plants

Robotic UHP Water DE-CORING

Company FERROČRTALIČ has been devoted to the field of Surface Treatment Technologies for already three generations, which all together contribute to more than 50-years of experiences in providing technological solutions in sandblasting and industrial surface cleaning technologies. The gained expertize together with commitment led FERROČRTALIČ to take the role of developing process and equipment dedicated to de-coring of aluminium closed deck blocks, placed at the heart of the European project CORE 4.0.

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Product category: Surface treatment plants

Robotic Dry Blasting machine

Robotic Dry Blasting machine is engineered and manufactured in "heavy-duty" way for professional use. Machine is equipped with protective lining inside for longer lifetime and less production stop. The possibility of automatic or manual process gives operator flexibility and the user-friendly machine allows to make dry blasting process on any shape. Machine is equipped with a synchronous turntable that works as an external axis of the 6-axis robot. Interface and process control are easy to use and custom made according to customer needs. Machine is equipped with a recycling system for media classification, which makes low media consumption and perfect operation mix, that makes a repeatable blasting effect on the surface. Advanced PLC control stores the process control and makes data logging. By controlling the process, a customer can keep track of each part and add the value for their products.


  • robotized dry blasting process (6+1 axis manipulation)
  • possibility to make manual repairs with manual nozzle
  • heavy-duty design for professional use
  • PLC Touchscreen process control and data logging
  • easy to maintain and operate


  • no operator presence needed when dry blasting process is on
  • 100% Repeatable process
  • flexibility for different geometries
  • 100% same and clean blasting media
  • perfect surface preparation process


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Product category: Surface treatment plants

Robotized blasting chamber

A customer wants to have a fully automatized process so the operator won't have contact with the blasting process. Parts must be blasted controllable and without mistakes, with gentle roughening for better adhesion of paint. We have designed a cell with a turn station. Blasting cell has pneumatic collecting and recycling of abrasive. Manipulation of a part is automatic on hang transporter. The cell has 1 robot with two nozzles, but there is provided space for 2 robots. A robot has space for more than 100 recipes. It is equipped also with a remote control unit.

The way this machine is built, it allows blasting of two or three doors/frames at once.
The conveyor is driven by the robot so he can manipulate with the items in the way that they are in good position for him. Blasting is done with two blasting nozzles so we can get as much coverage as we can. At the end of the process when the conveyor is travelling back to the rotation unit the robot is air cleaning the doors.


  • Blasting controllable and without mistakes
  • Automatic
  • 1 robot with two nozzles
  • Blasting of 2 or 3 doors at once
  • Possibility of upgrading to the second robot


  • lower manipulation costs
  • always same quality faster delivery time
  • better quality of a finished product
  • controlled process

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Product category: Surface treatment plants

Mobile Dust-Free Blasting and Peening 60 SX PNEUM

  • FerroECOBlast Europe Vacuum blasting machines are the most ecological and powerful blasters on the market today.
  • Vacuupress 60 SG-PNEUM is provided for the heaviest blastings with coarse or fine steel grit and also with all other abrasives as well (corundum, ceramic abrasives, glass beads, etc…), with the built-in specific regulation for correct sucking power.
  • The machine is easily movable and completely powered by pressure air, without any electrical socket.
  • Blasting process is easy and quick with light aluminum blasting head with a brush, where abrasive and dust are immediately sucked away from the surface without any pollutions to the surrounding.
  • This type of machine is equipped with a 10m blast/sucking tube, which can be easily extended.

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About us

Company portrait

Leading Manufacturer of Surface Treatment Machinery

FerroČrtalič is a family company with 55 years of tradition. We are developing solutions and producing machinery for surface treatment technologies under registered trademark FerroECOBlast Europe. We are located in the heart of Europe in the territory with the most innovative technical knowledge.