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Selas Heat Technology Company LLC

11012 Aurora Hudson Road, 44241 Streetsboro, OH
Telephone +1 216 6628800
Fax +1 216 6638954

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Our products

Product category: Burner

Selas Superflame™ Low NOx Medium & High Velocity Burners

The burner’s outer tube is made of advanced silicon carbide and the inner firing tube is made of stainless steel alloy. The high velocity burner incorporates two-stage combustion for low NOx. Specifically designed nozzles provide cool NOx-inhibiting first stage combustion. Final combustion occurs in the second stage area where combustion products exit at velocities of over 275fps (83mps) for medium velocity and 400fps (122mps) for high velocity.

Superflame combustion produces heat in dense loads and circulates the furnace for thorough heat uniformity enabling faster heat uniformity.  Superflame medium and High Velocity burners function well with ambient or preheated combustion air up to 700°F (371°C). Durable, lightweight SiC firing tubes are self-supporting.

The burners are ideal for installation in either brick or fiber wall furnaces, and are easily mounted to the furnace. The Superflame low NOx burner will work with ultraviolet detectors and most sizes also accept flame rod. Direct spark allows flexibility in designing the control system.

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Product category: Burner

PYR-PC Series Package Oven Burner

Custom Packages Provide Superior Performance
Selas PC Package Burners are custom designed for air heating applications requiring nominal capacities from 200,000 to 30,000,000 BTU/hr. PC burners provide high turndown, reliable ignition, and flexible air and gas control options. Typical packages contain a burner, spark ignitor, flame rod and flame safeguard, blower and motor, gas train with air-fuel control, and prewired mounted control panel. For standard packages and more information on how to configure a PC burner package, see the PC Package Burner Selection Brochure. Selas support is available for all package components from burner to controller. Contact a Selas representative to find out how PC burners can best suit particular applications.

Air-Gas Modulation Options for Efficient Operation in Every Application
Flexible air-gas controller options allow for fixed air or ratio air modulation, as well as high/low gas control, gas-only modulation, or precision gas modulation to automatically adjust air-gas ratio to maintain oven temperature within 3°F. Air-gas ratios controlled with linkage system for easy adjustment in-house. 4-20mA signal control motors are standard with all gas modulation options.

Wide Range of Applications, One Burner
For burner applications that require 200,000 to 5MM BTU/hr, PC Package Burners offer several, flexible controller options and 40:1 turndown. Speciallydesigned package configurations available for very low BTU input applications that require consistent operation (i.e. roasting). Higher turndowns available for specially designed systems. Gas trains are approved for use in all countries and motors are available for 60Hz and 50Hz frequencies.

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Product category: Burner

Red-Ray High Intensity Infrared Emitter

A siliconized silicon carbide (SiSiC) lattice is at the core of the high intensity infrared (HI-IR) technology, eliminating the upper temperature limitations in current emitters. The structure and increased surface area of the lattice, combined with the near perfect “black body” emissivity of SiSiC, provides more radiating surface unmatched by other competing technologies.

Complete combustion within the cell structure of the lattice results in no open flames, producing the lowest NOx profile for emitters in the industry. The Red-Ray™ High Intensity Infrared Emitter is designed to mount directly to the existing mixing tubes of all leading infrared systems.

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Product category: Burner

ERB QuadCool™ Ribbon Burner

More Energy Efficient, Plus Greater Throughput
The QuadCool burner features ERB’s proven SheetFlame ribbon design that provides a uniform flame pattern across the entire width of the burner. It was developed specifically for applications where continuous level, direct flame is required and where any distortion of the flame pattern would be detrimental to the finish of the product.

The SheetFlame ribbon uses an innovative port-free design, which eliminates striation lines in the treated substrate, unlike with ported ribbons. The SheetFlame ribbon projects even, continuous energy across the whole substrate, permitting fast line speeds and uninterrupted productivity.

Rugged Construction for Optimal Performance
The new ERB QuadCool surface modification burner features anodized aluminum construction with internal cooling tubes on 4 sides and flow in any direction. Heat deflection is minimized to an industry leading <1/16”, achieving near perfect parallel energy distribution across any substrate. QuadCool will remain parallel to all backup rolls to within 0.002”, even during high temperature operation.

Engineered for Simple Retrofit, Replacement and Maintenance
Drop-in replacement ribbon packs make cleaning maintenance and BTU output changes fast and easy while the burner is still mounted on the machine. A wide variety of ribbon packs are available, making the QuadCool very versatile for any 2D application. With available quick disconnect water and fuel connections, removing the burner takes only seconds rather than minutes or hours. Manufactured from anodized aluminum, the QuadCool is available in any length up to 3.5m (140”).

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Product category: Burner

Selas Refrak™ Screen Burners

Two Models For Superior Combustion Control For Furnace Temperatures Up To 2100°F and Over 2100°F

The Selas Refrak Screen burner is a sealed-in tunnel burner with superior flame retention and combustion characteristics. The RSA’s large perforated refractory screen distributes the air/gas fuel mixture uniformly within the tunnel and assures complete combustion over an extremely wide throttling range. The Refrak Screen Burner has many advantages such as a wide operating range, low operating pressure, complete combustion, easy installation, easy replacement, low velocity and short flame.

Selas offers two kinds of Refrak Screen burners. Burners for furnace temperatures up to 2100°F are available in eight standard sizes for capacities up to 4,000,000 Btu/hr and for wall thicknesses from 6 3⁄4″ to 12 1⁄2″. Burners for furnace temperatures above 2100°F are available in 11 sizes fabricated to specific wall thickness.

S123 Refrak Screen Burners are recommended where furnace temperatures exceed 2100°F. Employing the same refractory port system as the RSA series, S123 burners maintain the same operating characteristics. Because of the higher temperatures encountered, however, it is not practical to offer the piloting and safety accessories available with RSA equipment.

S123 Burners are produced in a wide range of sizes and are fabricated to specific wall thickness. Easy to install and maintain, they provide an economical answer to high temperature requirements. Maximum operating temperature remains a function of furnace design, operating cycle, and turndown requirements.

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Product category: Burner

Pyronics® Balanced Regulator BZR

The BZR regulator series is available for precise control of ambient temperatures up to a continuous operating range of 150° F (Model BZR-150). For heated gases or higher ambient operating conditions, models BZR-300, BZR-500 and BZR-700 are available.

Pyronics Model BZR-B uses a gas adjuster downstream of a negative biased regulator, so high fire can be set to stoichiometric conditions. As the system is turned down, the spring bias will subtract from the combustion air pressure causing the burner to go lean. Model BZR-B-300 is available for up to 300° F service.

The Pyronics Gas-Lok is a modification of the Zero Governor enabling its use as both a precision balanced regulator and operating shutoff valve.

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Product category: Burner

Red-Ray® Redi Pak Premix Control System

Redi-Pak has a self contained blower, mixer and controls to light and monitor premix burners. It was developed as a safe, easy to set up and use system. This unique product was granted US Patent #8,105,077.

The Redi-Pak operating and control unit is an easy and cost effective way to add premix infrared gas heat to an oven. It is available in two sizes, 150,000 btu/hr and 400,000 btu/hr and can fire single burners or dual burners. Remote control is available on single burner models.

  • Operates a variety of burner types
  • Manual or remote start and modulation
  • Ignition & programmed automatic relighting
  • Constant flame supervision with LED indicator: If the flame signal is lost once the burner is running, the ignition control will immediately spark for up to 15 seconds to try to regain the flame signal. If the flame signal is not regained, the gas valve will shut which turns off the burner. The Redi-Pak continues to run the blower at the MAXIMUM setting. The Flame Failure LED indicator will illuminate, the Alarm Relay will energize and the Redi-Pak will remain in LOCKOUT until power is cycled off and on.
  • Quiet Operation
  • Factory set for specific burner model and size
  • Pre-programmed solid state controls
  • E-stop for safety
  • Capable to add additional interlocks with LED indicator: The User Interlock input is an optional input located on a terminal block within the control box.
  • U.S. Patent # 8,105,077
Cost Saving
  • Fraction of the cost of non-packaged components
  • Simple to install in new systems
  • Easy to add to existing systems

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Product category: Burner

Selas Qual-O-Rimeter® (QOR) Gas Mixture Monitor

QUAL-O-RIMETER® Monitors And Adjusts Fuel Gas Quality
For industrial service where changes in fuel gas or ambient air characteristics will upset the heating process, the mixture output from the combustion controller can be monitored and controlled. The Selas Qual-O-Rimeter Mixture Monitor detects any deviation in flame temperature and automatically adjusts the gas/air ratio to compensate. By connecting the Qual-O-Rimeter sample line immediately downstream of the combustion controller, continuous and accurate correction for gas and ambient air variations is assured before production is affected.

The Selas Qual-O-Rimeter Mixture Monitor is superior to oxygen analyzers for temperature-sensitive processes. Pushbutton control, digital display, and microprocessor circuitry assure easy operation and fast-acting response. Built-in alarms and an output for optional recorder are also included.

Two models are available from Selas to handle either raw gas or complete mix of air/gas premixing systems. Click on one of the links on the right side of this page to read more about them.

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Product category: Burner

Selas CAV

Selas Combustion Controllers are precision premix systems for blending fuel gas and air. They are suitable for most fuels, mixing them with room air and compressing the mixture to deliver a precise, preset gas/air ratio at uniform pressure to the burners. Selas combustion controllers are available with two valve types:

  • Posimix® valves for applications requiring constant heat
  • CAV valves for processes requiring variable heating
The Posimix valve is used in positive displacement (Model PM) compressor and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems. Depending on the valve size, from B to F, and compressor/blower rating, these combustion controllers will provide a wide range of mixing capacities from 2,000 SCFH to 150,000 SCFH.

The CAV valve is used in positive displacement (Model CA) type and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems, to deliver optimum turndown range in capacities from 500 SCFH to 125,000 SCFH, depending on the valve size, 5 to 150, and the compressor/blower rating.

In either case, the precise combination of compressor/blower and valve selections also depend on other variables, such as the job type, the sea level elevation, the pressure and the capacity. A Selas applications engineer can make the best recommendation to deliver optimum performance. Check the model specifications and capacities in the link to the right, or click the “Request Info Or A Quote” link to get help.

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About us

Company portrait

Selas Heat Technology Company: An Industry Innovator Since 1896.
Recognized as one of the true pioneers in the industry, Selas has a combustion heritage that is approaching 120 years. Passionate about combustion, Selas began with gas lamps then expanded its innovations into a full offering of combustion components and eventually transitioned itself into a leader of heat processing furnaces. With this growth, Selas built up its team of talent to invent and engineer many proprietary burners and other technologies, including our press and fired ceramics burners. Throughout its history and with its acquired brands, Selas has gathered one of the richest collections of patents in the industry.

Today, Selas is primarily an industrial burner manufacturer and continues serving the industrial thermal processing industry with a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable gas burners, combustion systems and thermal components to support many different types and brands of ovens, furnaces and thermal processing applications. Our proven approach to combustion blends rugged products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat. All Selas burners and combustion components are engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency, dependable operation, and to help make your thermal process more profitable and successful. We also offer strong customer service and start-up assistance.