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Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio S.p.A.

Via Pacinotti 52/52A, 20020 Villa Cortese
Telephone +39 331 431500
Fax +39 331 432778
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.02  Blasting plant and accessories
  • 11.02.01  Pneumatic blast cleaning machines

Pneumatic blast cleaning machines

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.02  Blasting plant and accessories
  • 11.02.02  Airless shot-blasting machines
  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.06  Surface treatment plants

Surface treatment plants

  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.03  Dust extraction systems

Dust extraction systems

Our products

Product category: Pneumatic blast cleaning machines

Tappeto Rampante ® Rubber Belt Tumblast Machine

The rubber Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante® are used for treatment of smaller work-pieces with single pieces up to 10 Kg.

It is a typical machine suitable for tumbling work pieces.

Work pieces treated through shot blasting machines Tappeto Rampante ® are the following:

  • Aluminum die-castings and its alloys (automotive, furnishing, lighting, telecommunications, electric tools fields, etc.)
  • Screws, bolts, in preparation for next galvanizing treatment
  • Brass and steel hot pressing
  • Moulding materials (thermosetting)
  • Various mechanical components
The rubber Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante® are made of an endless rubber belt conveyor, with high resistance to wear. The work-pieces tumble on the endless rubber belt whilst blasted by the wheel or wheels positioned on the roof of the machine.

The machine can be equipped with special devices to achieve a better finish (frequency converter for belt and wheels, PLC, flap and unloading belt, etc.) avoiding damaged to work-pieces.

The load and unload can be made manually or automatically with hydraulic skip loaders.

Tappeto Rampante® is a registered trademark of OMSG.

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Product category: Airless shot-blasting machines

Tappeto Rampante ® Steel Belt Tumblast machine

Tappeto Rampante ® Steel Tumblast are suitable for the treatment of pieces in quanitity, having unit weights that can vary from few hundred grams up to 250 kg, depending on the shot blasting machine type.

Maximum loading weight varies from 600 to 3.000 Kg.

Treated parts through Tappeto Rampante ® Tumblast machines are:

  • Cast parts in brass, cast iron, steel and aluminum
  • Pressed parts in steel or brass
  • Forged parts
  • Heat-treated parts
  • Springs
  • Various mechanical parts
The work-pieces placed loosely on the endless turning on belt and they are shot blasted by the wheels positioned on the roof of the machine.

A hydraulic skip loads the machines whilst unloading can be done directly into the container, or on a vibrating channel that allows the recovery of the shot remaining on the work-pieces.

Special devices: such as magnetic separator and an automatic device for the abrasive cleaner allows optimizing the shot blast operation by treating the castings.

OMSG was the first company in Italy to design and manufacture Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante®.

Tappeto Rampante® is a registered trademark of OMSG.

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Product category: Airless shot-blasting machines

LAUCO - Shot blast machine with roller conveyor

LAUCO - Shot blast machine with roller conveyor

Shot Blasting Machine with continuous tunnel chamber and fed by horizontal in feed and exit roller conveyor.

The components to be cleaned pass through the blast chamber on driven roller conveyors with designated lengths to suit specific work sizes.

Single pass cleaning to ISO 8501-1 and SIS SS 055900 standards is attainable.

On exit from the machine, brushing and blowing systems remove residue abrasive from treated work.

OMSG can offer different types of LAUCO machines, to suits customers’ needs and manufacture.

1. Shot blast machines for steel plates and sections.
2. Shot blast machines for Internal and external cleaning of tubes and pipes.
3. Shot blast machines structural steel work and fabrications.
4. Shot blast machines in-line with automatic painting systems for plates and all types of sections
5. Shot blast machines for billet descaling
6. Shot blast machines for aluminium extrusions and profiles.

LAUCO machines for mild steel plate and profiles, having conveyor widths from 500mm up to 4500mm

Multiple blast wheels and varying motor Kw powers depending on the type and production capacity requested by customer.
The length on the external roller conveyor is in accordance with the customers’ requirements.
The speed of the roller conveyor is variable and can be controlled through an Invertor.

Shot blast machines LAUCO for external pipe cleaning
Machine having same technical characteristics to LAUCO shot blasting of steel plates and profiles.
Only exceptions are the external roller conveyors and those in the blast chamber shaped with special profiles to locate across the conveyor.

Shot blasting machines LAUCO for composite structural steel works
As an alternative to the machines for steel plates and profiles, they present and entrance section up to 2000mm with multiple blast wheels angled to give maximum coverage.

Shot blasting machines LAUCO for simultaneous blasting of internal/external pipes.
Machines having a special roller conveyor with shaped profiles
Most important characteristic of the plant is the capacity of blasting, in a single production process, pipes both externally (through blast wheels) either internally (with compressed air lance) without the necessity of further manual blasting.

Shot blasting machines for LAUCO for blasting/painting of steel plates and commercial profiles
Here we have machines LAUCO included incomplete shot blasting and painting lines having high productive capacity.

Classic layout of such plants has been constituted from:

  • Loading cross transfer systems
  • Pre-heating oven
  • Shot blasting machine LAUCO
  • Painting booth
  • Drying oven
  • Unloading cross transfer system (rapid discharging)
Shot blasting machine for billets
Most important characteristic is the handling system composed by a grooved roller conveyor, suitable for billets movement having squared or round section.
These blasting machines have normally blast wheels with highest powers, to reach an higher production speed.

Shot blasting machine for aluminum extruded profiles
Roller conveyor machine equipped with special devices for the superficial treatment of extruded aluminum profiles.

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OMSG was established in 1961 and since that time has proved itself to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of shot blast, shot-peening and machine systems...