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Product category: Steel mills

Sarralle Melting Plant - EAF, LF, V(O)D, Continuous Casting

SARRALLE designs and supplies CUSTOMIZED metallurgical plant equipment including process technology for steelmaking, secondary metallurgy and continuous casting tailored machines with integrated solutions for complete turnkey projects.

SARRALLE designs and produces a complete range of EAF Furnaces from 6 to 300 metric tons for various charge mixes (scrap, HBI, Cold DRI / Hot DRI and Hot Metal), based on our own engineering and including all the key components. The Special Desing of all water-cooled elements with a specially pipe desing and optimized flow patterns lead to a reduction of 25% of required water flow versus competitor's designs.

SARRALLE supplies complete set of LF including the Roof, Electrode Regulation System (Sarcon), Injection technology, Automatic sampling & Temperature lances...

SARRALLE VD-VOD units can be engineered to operate with steam injectors or dry mechanical vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum with lowest energy consumption in shortest pump down time. Whereas, steam ejector vacuum pumps offers a simple, almost maintenance-free solution with high suction capacity and a minimal investment cost, dry mechanical vacuum pumps are characterized by instantaneous "vacuum on demand" with extremely low operating costs and elimination of water contamination. Special foaming-slag control enables minimization of ladle slag overflow and pump-down time.

SARRALLE CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINES guarantees safety, quality of the final product and reliability of the equipment offered to our Customers. SARRALLE Continuous Casting Machines are designed for a wide range of section sizes, operational flexibility and steel grades including:

  •  Billet - Round - Bloom - Beam Blank - Slab
  • Open and submerged tundish to mold casting operation
  • Standard strctural and SBQ steel grades

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Product category: Steel mills

Fumes Exhaust System

SARRALLE FES offers customized solutions for each step of the process with satisfactory results in attaining the most stringent parameters in terms of both emissions control and operational costs. Each component has its own design, such as; the special arrangement of the fourth hole elbow water circuit with an optimized life cycle.

Residence time in the canopy due to superior geometry selection enables a lower amount of mg/Nm3 on the operating floor, which leads to an improvement in the safety for every operation. Filtration parameters allow an optimal life cycle of the sleeves, as well as the selection of the optimized number of compartments automatically maintaining at least one offline compartment. Optimized bags lenght of up to 10 meters permits a compact design of the Filtration Unit.

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Product category: Steel mills

Rolling Mill

SARRALLE is a driver for hot rolling long product mills technology thanks to its experience and attitude to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding Customers worldwide. Nowadays, the demand for flexible and economical production of long products can be achieved by innovative production process, electrical and automation new solutions and, as a consequence, many years of research and development mainly dedicated to process modeling and faster and higher performance control system. SARRALLE designs all of our devices in 3D Software tools, taking into consideration the most appropiate material and thermal treatment in order to provide devices able to work for life. Furthermore, to reduce the erection and commissioning period we make a pre-shipment running test.

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Product category: Steel mills

Coil Processing Lines

SARRALLE has extensive experience in the engineering design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of coil processing lines. Our lines are able to process the largest coils in different metals (aluminum, stainless, tinplate, carbon steel…) into a complete range including thickness (high-thick coils), weight and width.

Our expert technicians, specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics, carry out the engineering, installation and commissioning of the lines. As an important part of the commissioning, they also carry out the complete training of the Client in order to guarantee an efficient and profitable operation. The technical support given to our clients is completed with a permanent Technical Assistance Service.

SARRALLE has its own production facilities for mechanical and electrical assembly and going through the complete supply chain.

SARRALLE is able to provide turnkey project assuring complete success in Slitting Lines, Cut to Length Lines, Roll Forming Punching Lines, Continuous Sandwich Panel Lines, Automatic Coil and Slit Packaging Lines, Welded Tube / Profile Mills...

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Product category: Steel mills

Water Treatment Plant

At SARRALLE we offer innovative engineering and construction solutions for water treatment plants. We improve the quality of water for the industrial water supply, drinking, irrigation, etc.

Water treatment removes contaminants and undesirable components or reduces their concentration so that the water becomes fit for its desired end-user.

Our Engineering & Construction Services agreement and cooperation with technological companies, such as; INCIVE in Spain, offer you:

Industrial Water Treatment plants: industrial water cooling and cleaning treatment.
Urban Water Treatment plants: pre and post urban water treatment, storage system ( tanks and pump station ), water supply and drainage system.

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Mar 25, 2019

About us

Company details

Founded in 1965, and nowadays with more than 50 years’ experience on international projects, SARRALLE is a innovative Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation company, which is specialized in Industrial Equipment for the Iron & Steel sectors, Environment, Energy, Water , Oil & Gas and  Metallic Furniture for the work space optimization and organization for several sectors as automotive and aeronautical.

With more than 400 dynamic, highly-qualified and multicultural employees and located in 8 countries, SARRALLE provides turnkey solutions services worldwide for the most high quality customers with excellent results. SARRALLE vision and strategic policy are oriented towards continuous improvement, search of innovation and solutions for his customer’s need. SARRALLE commitment materializes in high-quality of devices and services provided, as well as prompt and efficient after sales and customer care.

Within our 5 Business Lines, SARRRALLE offers Enginering, manufacturing, erection, commissioning, spare parts, maintenance and consulting services in the next markets:

  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Ladle Furnaces
  • Vaccum Degassers (VD-VOD)
  • Vaccum Ingot Castings (VIC)
  • Continuous Casting Machine: billet, bloom y beam blank
  • Slab Caster
  • Fumes Exhaust System
  • Control and Automation
  • Spare Parts
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Plants and equipment modernization
  • Metallurgical assistance
  • Bar and Rebar Mills
  • Wire Rod Mills
  • Light and Medium Section Mills
  • Reheating Furnaces
  • Electrics & Automation
  • Spare Parts
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Plants and equipment modernization
  • Slitting Lines
  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Rollforming/Punching Lines
  • Welded Tube/Profiles Mills
  • Continuous Sandwich-Panel Lines
  • Slit-Coil Packaging Lines
  • Spare Parts
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Equipment modernization
Sarralle Engineering is focused on offering its services for the Industrial, Waste to Energy&Recycling and Oil & Gas sectors. Specifically the engineering services include from the development of Layout Studies and FEED Engineering until the development of detailed engineering of all the areas involved (civil work, structures, mechanic, electric, I&C, utilities…) as well as the Global Projects Management and Turnkey Projects.

In Waste of Energy&Recycling sector we cover the following areas: incineration; Biomass; Energy Recovery; Waelz Oxide Plants; Recycling; Slag Treatment Plant; Water Treatment Plants.

In Oil & Gas sector we cover the following areas: Fumes Exhaust Systems; Pump Stations; Pipelines; Storage Tanks; Auxiliary Equipment; Electric and Mechanical BOP; MRS (Metering and Regulation Station).

  • Workbenches
  • Cabinets with Drawers
  • Counters
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Fireproof Cabinets
  • Wagons
  • Wardrobe
  • Intelligent Storage Cabinet and intelligent Ticket Offices

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Area of business
  • Plant and equipment for steel making
  • Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • Plant and equipment for shaping of steel
  • Plant and systems for environmental protection and disposal, gas purifi cation
  • Electrical engineering and process control technology
  • Steel mills
  • Consultation, planning, services