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meapforni srl

Via Malignani 1/B, 33074 Fontanafredda (PN)

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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand F13

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THERMPROCESS 2019 fairground map: Hall 9

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.03  Heat treating
  •  Other thermal processes

Our products

Product category: Other thermal processes

Chamber Furnaces

FCPS chamber furnaces are used for carburizing, carbonitriding, hardening, normalisation and annealing treatments, with quench in atmosphere, oil, salt or polymers.

These installations are normally made to be used without the continuous presence of personnel and unmanned and are completed with washing machines, low and high temperature tempering furnaces, storage warehouses and related charge handling loaders in the various positions of the working area. All controlled and programmed by a dedicated management software with the possibility of remote control. The ability to operate H24/7days a week makes these lines extremely productive, flexible and high performance.

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Product category: Other thermal processes

Conveyor belt lines

  • The FN/CM conveyor belt lines are used for heat treatment of hardening, carbonitriding and carburizing of large quantities of small items such as: bolts, screws, bearings and small sized parts.
  • Quenching media can be in oil, water, polymers or salt.
  • The conveyor belt lines are available in electric or gas version, and could be completed with:
  • loading and handling systems
  • dosing and weighing systems
  • belt, baskets or screw prewashing machines
  • electric or gas heating furnaces with belt conveyance
  • quench tanks in oil, water or salt
  • belt, baskets or screw post washing machines
  • electric or gas heating tempering furnaces with or without protective atmosphere
  • quench tanks in protective solution, burnishing with relative drying, or cooling channels in a controlled atmosphere
  • unloading and handling systems
  • control and supervision systems

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Product category: Other thermal processes

Continuous hardening roller furnaces

Roller transport in continuous furnaces is normally used for large production of parts with  morphology compatible with the type of transport, or with the use of special supports or containers.

The quench in water, oil or air allows a wide use on a vast range of products.

This type of furnace allows reduced production change-over between hardening and annealing treatments without loss of time for production change. The transport systems, specifically identified according to the type of product, make this type of system extremely productive and at the same time flexible.

The motorised roller lines are composed of one or more furnaces, which make up a complete working area integrated with horizontal or vertical storage warehouses, transport shuttles between the various systems, washing machines, afterburner, sandblasting machines, weighing systems, loading systems and unloading materials.

The line can be equipped with a software to supervise the entire system with controlling: machines, processes and material to be treated.

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About us

Company portrait

MEAPFORNI designs and manufactures plants and lines for the heat treatment of components and materials for the following sectors:


MEAPFORNI has a technical staff of technological excellence, constantly looking for innovative solutions and energy saving for heat treatment.
Thanks to the experience, professionalism and collaborations developed over the years with its customers, MEAPFORNI supplies products of high technological value, with maximum flexibility and economy.

The continuous commitment to energy saving, to the safety of the installations, to the reduction of cost per component with main focus to the quality results, certainly make MEAPFORNI a point of reference on the international market.