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20 Sep 2018

The goal is to make '100-year enterprise' with advanced technology.

- Supercharger production to obtain acceleration
- Installed in Asia's first Audi
- Continuous development of EV battery

"Everybody thinks that business management is difficult because of economic recession. However, it is not too difficult to penetrate the global market as well as to grow the company if we strive with constant efforts and technology."

Park Seong-GI(64), CEO of YUJIN Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd. in Gimhae Golden Route Industrial  Complex, Gyeongnam Province, is a represnetative CEO of Small-Giants Enterprise, which is pioneering the world market with excellent technology. 

YUJIN is a leading exprot company in the area of manufacturing automobile core parts. It is recognized as a company that is not affected by the economic recession by exporting its products to global automobile companies with its leading-edge technology.

Supercharger, a component that compresses air and injects it directly into the engine, is the first Asian product to be fitted to Audi automobile. This product is a key device for obtaining instantaneous acceleration. Mr. Park said, "Employees have made efforts to grow the company as it is now, but we have been following the timing and luck."

The living period of YUJIN from 1991 to 1998. In 1998, the International Monetary Fund(IMF) had a great deal of trouble. Mr. Park went to Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries, a representative of the shipbuilding industry, which was booming at the time, and negotiated and registered as a partner(1st band).

The company, which overcame the pain, entered the growing season(1999~2008). Audi, Jaguar Land Rover in the UK and GM in the US. 70% of total sales are exported. Since 2009, the company has entered into a leap and maturity. 

Mr.Park said, "In the future, EV is the general trend. Also, if we stay in the present, we will have to disappear after 10 years." He predicts the trends in the automotive industry and develops EV batteries and supplies them to the Fiat Chrysler Group.

Now, the company has about 200 employees, with sales of 38.7 billion dollars(USD) last year. The secret to success is a research institute with global talent. Mr. Park is constantly investing in new product development.

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