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Consulting, design, service and engineering

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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering


Ultra-pure products for perfect performance

It's no secret that more and more companies are turning to Hiltex collars and discs. And it's hardly surprising either, when you consider Hiltex's reputation for meeting the very toughest quality standards.

Discs can be produced with various forms such as 2 half segments and/or with different holes.

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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering


High temperature operation

Temperature stability plays an important part in manufacturing processes and is the key to good quality control. Hiltex collars and discs have excellent dimensional stability, even at temperatures op to 1300ºC, and also exhibit good resistance to thermal shocks (CTE: 0.54 ppm/ºC).

What's more, their effective insulation properties make it possible to realise energy saving in excess of 12%. 

Collars can be produced in various forms such as open or eccentric.

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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering


ALF™ is generally called Alumina Fiber. As the composite is 72% Alumina and 28% Silica, we name it Alumina Silica Fiber. The standard product/yarns are produced as a 7 micron diameter filament and are boron free. The 7 micron diameter allows superior flexibility compared to other available materials. Furthermore, because the fiber is boron-free, problems associated with the release of boron gas are not a factor. Performance and durability of Hiltex Alumina Silica Fiber is superior to other products presently available. ALF suffers almost no loss of mechanical strength at temperatures up to 1200º C.

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About us

Company details

Since 1985, DE WINTER ENGINEERING designs, constructs and renovates industrial melting and casting furnaces and related equipment.

Our experience, our technical know how in furnace technology and our innovative state of mind form the basis of our high-quality solutions.

Thanks to our dedicated team, contacts with clients, as well as suppliers, are direct and personal and each project is customized to the specific wishes of our clients.

DE WINTER ENGINEERING offers clients following services: advice, technical design, realization of projects, everything according to our structural and precise manner of working.

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