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Anhui Xinning Equipment Co., Ltd

Heli Industrial Park, Ningguo Economic Development Zone, 242300 Ningguo, Anhui
Telephone +86 563 4183069
Fax +86 563 4180028

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  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.01  Moulding machines and plants for bentonite-bonded sands
  • 05.01.01  Moulding machines

Our products

Product category: Moulding machines

Vertical Parting template

The series of mould are authorized by State Intellectual Property Office patents protected by state law, publicly Patent No.: ZL200920172789.3
The vertical parting flaskless moulding mould for forging ball and segment, divided into right mould and left mould (it is also called moving mould and stationary mould) is used to forging and forming of abrasion-resistant forging ball or segment in vertical parting disa line production.

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Product category: Moulding machines

Integration of Riser

Riser is an indispensable technology in the smelting forging. Up to now, in smelting forging industry, riser forming and moulding still requires heavy workload and also needs to be pre-forged and stored in advance. It asks for input of special equipment and has high manufacturing cost; when the risers are needed, they have to be installed one by one. Especially, in the moving and installing process, the riser is easy to be damaged; when installing, there are clearance between the riser and moulding cavity, which is difficult to clean, especially, when it is of metal coated sand forging; and it is also apt to form lots of loose sand, which requires cleaning in time. The cleaning takes lots of time and effort, what’s more, if the loose sand is cleaned incompletely, the remnant will be brought by the metal fluid into casting system during casting process, as a result, it will directly influence the quality of casting product.

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Product category: Moulding machines

Horizontal Parting Iron Mould

Mould of Iron-oxide-coated-sand moulding production line has Patent No.: ZL201320259198.6 The series of mould has the following characteristics:
  •      Shaped in metal composite model, the mould turns to be smaller in dimension; sand core is made into form by the chilling forming technology, which does not only save the electricity used in thermal forming, but also avoids the input of special equipment. In addition, forging by this technology also can ensure the casting accuracy of form and position as well as the quality of its appearance, improve the qualified rate of casting, and meanwhile control the allowance in mould cutting and processing, so as to achieve the objective of saving resources;
  •      The mould is processed in gantry numerical control machining center, therefore the labor intensity is alleviated while the accuracy of mould product is enhanced;
  •       In the moulding assembling surface of the mould sets overflow groove which can be used to prevent the metal liquid from leaking to ensure production safety, since the coagulating property of metal liquid in room temperature enables itself to seal.
  •       Moulding assembling position employs split locating pins and bushes since they can be replaced conveniently, thus, greatly reducing the mould maintenance cost.

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About us

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Anhui Xinning Equipment Co., Ltd.(Former Anhui Province Ningguo Xinning Equipment Manufacturing Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd), which is located in State-level economic and technological development zone of Ningguo city, covers an area of 40 acres, Production workshop is 50000 square meters, is a technology enterprises that professional in research and development, manufacture complete sets of wear resistant castings and its associated equipment.