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Shapeline A/B

Westmansgatan 37, 582 16 Linköping
Telephone +46 13 4703000
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Product categories

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.01  Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Our products

Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities


VeriShape is developed for hot rolling applications. It is a concept as much as a product. The concept solves five difficulties in hot rolling lines;

1: Calibration: A VeriShape system can be calibrated under hot conditions during production. No line-stop, heavy flatness references or work on the roller table is required. This has a number of advantages such as:

– Reduction/elimination of line down-time
– Elimination of hazardous and difficult work on the roller table
– Calibration and adjustments are done under real production conditions
– System installation can be done without line-stop

2: Robustness: Thanks to the mechanical design, the gauge is tolerant for shape variations of supporting mechanics, which always occur in hot rolling lines due to temperature variations. This greatly improves robustness and reliability.

3: No moving parts: The technology used is the same as for all our systems and sensors, laser line triangulation. Thanks to this, no sensor movements are required to compensate for width changes or material centerline side-shifts. Instead, both centerline position and width are measured and are also output parameters.

4: High resolution: Our unique flatness measurement platform, ShapeCAT is designed to cope with the high-speed requirements of a full-speed hot strip mill. This means that flatness data at a resolution of 25*25 mm is generated also at a line speed of 25 m/s. In width direction, the full resolution is nearly 4000 points for a strip line and a lot higher for wide plate lines.

5:High accuracy: Heat shimmering due to high temperature gradients is the most limiting factor to precision measurement in hot strip lines. A VeriShape system utilizes methods to remove these gradients.

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities


As the name VeriFlex indicates, it is a flexible system for flatness measurement. A VeriFlex has a number of parameters which can be changed over wide ranges, for example material width, stand-off distance, performance and available space. It is simply tailored to your needs. Even the graphical user interface and integration, both physical and electrical, can be tailored.
VeriFlex-systems have been supplied by Shapeline for almost 20 years for a large number of different applications. We have supplied systems for almost 6 m material width, managed to squeeze in a gauge for wide heavy plates in less than 1 m roller table length, systems in hot mills, a large variety of strip and plate process lines, blanking lines etc. Some application areas are:

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities


eriFlat is a novel concept of flatness measurement. Like all Shapeline systems VeriFlat is based on ShapeCAT, our technology platform as well as SS3, our dedicated flatness measurement software.

What makes VeriFlat unique is its simplicity. A VeriFlat sensor can be up and running in a few hours, requiring only power, an Ethernet link to a PC and line speed information. It is pre-calibrated from factory, IP-67 classified and maintenance is extremely limited.

To keep the project time – and cost down, the sensor has standard software, configurable by the customer. Communication with Level 1 and Level 2 is done over Ethernet, TCP/IP and there are also input and output signals for control and automation.

Since the sensor is compact and rigid, it can easily be attached to a linear guiding unit to become a scanner. The scanner can be used where the material is not moving, such as in a measurement station or in a line where the strip is stopped and the tension released.

Applications include all type of strip process lines and blanking (cut-to-length) lines. The gauge can for instance measure incoming strip shape, control tension levelers, act as gap-guard for electro galvanizing and be used for quality assurance. Due to its simplicity and integration, a VeriFlat can easily be moved between lines or be used for testing.

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About us

Company portrait

Shapeline AB is a Swedish based supplier of laser based systems for flatness measurement within the global steel-/metals industry. The company started in 1999 and has since then supplied flatness measurement systems for quality assurance, decision making and process control worldwide.

Shapeline as an innovative company and continuously develops the technology further. Our own technology platform, ShapeCAT, is based on an intelligent camera, developed by Shapeline specifically for laser-based flatness measurement and is used in all our systems (read more). The Software, ShapeSoft, is a third generation flatness measurement software, which can be configured for the different applications. ShapeSoft is continuously improved with new functions and better performance to meet the need of a steel and metal industry more and more focused on quality.

Our scope goes beyond the technology of the flatness measurement and also includes application knowledge. We can guide a metal producer through the process of defining and implementing flatness measurement. This includes finding the most suitable spot for the sensor, integrate and utilize data, make necessary line preparations and perform ROI-calculations. We sincerely strive to understand the applications to be able to serve our customers better and develop our products in the best direction.