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QuinLogic GmbH

Heider-Hof-Weg 23, 52080 Aachen
Telephone +49 2405 47999421
Fax +49 2405 47999444

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METEC 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand F30-01

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METEC 2019 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.02  Quality control

Our products

Product category: Quality control


One of the important steps involved in achieving automatic coil grading is to connect all of the existing as well as the current and continuously incoming data with one another. In doing so, a lot of the previously inaccessible data is made part of the data overview. Once set up and operational, the QualityMonitor works without interruption to grade coils using precise quality rules designed using the LogicDesigner. Many previously missed minor deviations are spotted by the QualityMonitor at a much earlier stage and instead of letting a coil pass on as acceptable it is held back for review or blocked depending on the extent of the problem. The engineer can focus his expertise on coils that need attention.

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Product category: Quality control

The Quality Execution System (QES)

QuinLogic is one of the most innovative German ‘Industry 4.0′ companies. To enable industrial mass production and at the same time highest flexibility, QuinLogic has developed software products by applying latest generation of computing power and storage capabilities. Based on this technical evolution, the experienced team of QuinLogic provides an “easy to use” quality assurance solution for steel and aluminum mills. It is already in daily operation in several high end flat rolling mills worldwide.

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Product category: Quality control

Production Data Warehouse

The Production Data Warehouse offers secure, transformed and structured storage of data. Its rule-based data validation prevents garbage in – garbage out scenarios. Secure transacting prevents corrupt data storage while extensive and detailed logging allows for ease of verification and troubleshooting. Even before data can be stored, it is transformed into formats that can be used without modification for future applications (e.g. aggregation, conversion from time to position based data, segmentation of data, etc.). Its unified data structure allows for much faster data access regardless of the target application and without compromising on data integrity. Storage volume reduction is achieved without data loss. Genealogy allows the user to follow the lifecycle of the finished product right since its conception, i.e., a complete family history is maintained on every product and at any given time, the raw material that went into its making or the processes that were applied to these material for the creation of the final product can be traced back for analysis.

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About us

Company portrait

The QuinLogic mission is to create additional value for steel industry quality processes through data processing. Our method is software. Our product is the Quality Execution System (QES).

Our focus is on key value drivers:

  • improving revenues (upgrades, reassigns)
  • reducing cost (material, energy, labor)
  • increasing yield (uptime, throughput, quality)
We are a team of experienced professionals and have worked through the last decade with the paper and steel industry to improve product quality and production processes. From our history in developing gauges, we understood from our customers, that software methodology independent of a particular gauge would unleash further benefits for our customers.