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Dry Coolers Inc.

575 South Glaspie Street, 48371 Oxford, MI
Telephone +1 248 969-3400
Fax +1 248 969-3401

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Our products

Product category: Cooling equipment


Processes using Atmosphere Furnaces are seen everywhere, and they all have one thing in common: it's dirty work.

Dissolved minerals in cooling water come out of solution on hot metal surfaces forming mineral scale. These deposits cause equipment to run hot, accelerate corrosion, and can completely clog cooling passages. As the passages clog, equipment can begin to malfunction and eventually fail. Your entire factory can be slowed down to compensate for this slow failure.

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Product category: Cooling equipment

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers use evaporation of process water to cool the system. Water is dripped through the tower where some is evaporated, taking the heat with it. Automated cooling pumps activate in stages, as required to meet changing process flow demand. A PLC with touch screen control & instrument display for diagnostics, data logging, & communication with plant’s master system guarantees smooth operation. These popular cooling solutions provide cooling with the minimal initial investment and offer significant water savings when compared with using tap water cooling options.

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Product category: Cooling equipment

Portable Air Cooled Chillers

With water bills and sewer charges increasing at a rapid pace with no relief in sight, it's time to consider closing the loop. A low maintenance Omni-Chill packaged water chiller recirculates your water through a refrigerant system to give you inexpensive, reliable heat transfer.

Complete systems include integrated pumping systems, electrical control panels and full refrigerant safety controls. Standard systems are pre-charged and ready to run. Water cooled and air cooled units are available from 1/2 ton through 200 tons. Options include: non-ferrous construction, casters, hot gas bypass for reduced load operation, emergency backup cooling systems, etc. Dry Coolers can meet almost any specification with a standard or custom built cooling package.
Stop wasting valuable fresh water for process cooling.

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About us

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Dry Coolers, Inc. is a major supplier of industrial cooling systems and professional engineering services. Located in the heart of the automotive industry, Dry Coolers is experienced in working with large and small contractors to assist in the design and manufacture of industrial process cooling solutions. Our cooling systems range in size from small point-of-service cooling to large complex plant-wide systems.