Acetarc Welding & Engineering Co. Ltd.

Atley Works, Dalton Lane, BD21 4HT Keighley
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Our products

Product category: Pouring equipment, mechanical

Geared Crane Ladles

Westminster Medium Duty Geared Crane Ladle For ladles with a working capacity up to 4500Kg (9900lbs) molten cast iron the Westminster ladle is designed for continuous use in non-ferrous foundries and for intermittent use in ferrous foundries. The Westminster medium duty ladle is a simpler design when compared to the Workhorse heavy-duty ladle and whilst built to the same quality is not recommended for use in foundries where the molten metal is at elevated temperatures such as steel and/or special alloys. However, it is ideal for foundries that require a robust dependable ladle for occasional rather than daily usage and for non-ferrous foundries that are casting lower temperature metals such as Aluminium. The Westminster Ladle is fitted with the same range of Acetarc Oil-bath gearboxes as the Workhorse heavy-duty ladle. Ladle shells can be sized to suit pre-formed linings such as the Foseco Insural© ladle liners. All ladles designs can incorporate features such as special pouring spouts and/or covers etc. Westminster medium duty ladles are often supplied with Vee bails.

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Product category: Pouring equipment, mechanical

Transfer & Casting Ladles

Acetarc transfer and casting ladles are designed for the efficient and safe transportation and pouring of all types of molten metals. Acetarc ladles transfer and casting ladles are based on either our medium duty WESTMINSTER design or the heavy-duty WORKHORSE design, both of which are long proven designs.

Both ladle designs are robustly manufactured to give long and trouble free service in the foundry environment, whilst also being easy for a foundry’s own personnel to maintain so that downtime is minimised.

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Product category: Pouring equipment, mechanical

Auto Pouring Systems

It may be difficult for ladles handled by an over head crane or monorail system to keep up with the molten metal demand required by large capacity high-speed moulding lines unless several ladles are in use at the same time. This can cause handling issues, creating a bottle neck that can limit production.

Over a full working shift operator fatigue can also be a significant factor in both slowing down production and in causing variable casting quality.

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Company news




Mar 8, 2019

Preparing for GIFA 2019

GIFA 2019 approaches and we are preparing the equipment that we will be taking. This time we intend to display a motor drive ladle. A Safe-pour powered bottom pouring ladle and a ladle pre-heater.

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About us

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Founded in 1967, Acetarc are a family run and owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of molten metal pouring & handling equipment , especially foundry ladles. 
We export the majority of our products and are proud to list many foundries around the world as long established customers.

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  • Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering
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