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Fluxtrol, Inc.

1388 Atlantic Boulevard, 48326 Auburn Hills, MI
Telephone +1 248 3932000
Fax +1 248 3930277

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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering

Modeling and Optimization of Induction Systems

We utilize the latest software versions of Flux 2D/3D and Elta 6.0 for electromagnetic and thermal computer simulation, with the ability to couple the results of simulation with other packages to model complex multiphysical processes such as stress and deformation phenomena. A majority of these projects are the result of industry demand, in cooperation with customers. We use simulation in all research and development projects for profound study of processes and optimal design of induction systems.


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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering

Consulting in Induction Heating Technology

Induction heating is used as a heat source in a wide variety of applications. Oftentimes, applications of induction heating or ideas of where induction heating could be used are developed by people who are experts in the product or process rather than induction heating itself. In other cases, induction heating processes were developed by highly skilled individuals whom have since retired or moved on to another company without fully transferring their induction heating knowledge.

To meet this need in the industry, Fluxtrol, Inc. offers induction technology consulting services to assist its customers. Fluxtrol has provided consulting services for a wide variety of challenges including: energy efficiency, electromagnetic safety and overall feasibility of potential induction applications. For applications where customers are experiencing production or new process development challenges, our engineers can also provide insight to: induction coil life; part quality, including improper temperature distribution; undesirable dimensional movement; process inconsistency; and part defects. We offer site visits to the customer’s facility to help evaluate issues and propose solutions. Fluxtrol also provides induction heating equipment specifications and potential suppliers. In addition, we also offer consulting services for reviewing proposals from prospective induction heating vendors and provide technical support during the development.

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Product category: Consulting, design, service and engineering

Emerging Induction Technologies

The R&D and Engineering groups of Fluxtrol, Inc. conduct cooperative development of new processes with many world leading companies in food packaging, crystal growth, cold crucible melting, welding carbon fiber composites, etc. We are proud to acknowledge our long-term collaboration with Tetra Pak resulted in great improvement in the performance of its high-speed packaging machines, supplying liquid food to final users worldwide.

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About us

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Fluxtrol Incorporated®, a merger of Fluxtrol Manufacturing, and Centre for Induction Technology can partner with you to attain optimal induction heating solutions using our proprietary magnetic materials, scientific knowledge, engineering experience, and innovative solutions.

Fluxtrol Manufacturing was founded in 1981 by Robert S. Ruffini, inventor, entrepreneur, and induction heating enthusiast who specialized in the development and manufacture of soft magnetic composites for magnetic flux control in induction systems.

In 1993, he founded Centre for Induction Technology (CIT) for the purpose of education and promotion of induction technologies. As a visionary he had invited Professor Dr. Valentin Nemkov, one of the world’s foremost experts in induction heating technique, to lead CIT’s technical efforts: to provide innovative and practical solutions for much needed productivity, to develop and enhance Fluxtrol‘s portfolio of products and educate user-professionals for the induction excellence for all concerned. Fluxtrol, Inc. and CIT have not only been advancing induction heating technologies for more than three decades, but also have become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of soft magnetic composites. Additionally, we provide a wide range of induction heating technology engineering services to a multitude of global industries.

We have a team of 20 induction heating experts including ten engineers with a wealth of real industry experience that service a global distribution network covering more than 50 countries. Our engineering team along with the combined efforts of our customer’s specialists has brought forth many innovative solutions being used in thousands of applications ranging from automotive to aerospace, oil and gas, special metallurgy, biomedical and food industry.