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TEMC Metal & Chemical Corp.

2F-3, No. 6, Alley 25, Lane 113 Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Road, Songshan Dist., 105 Taipei City
Telephone +886 2 27189709
Fax +886 2 27184819

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Gating and feeding
  • 09.07  Feeder sleeves

Our products

Product category: Feeder sleeves

Riser Sleeve

Metal shrinkage occurs very often during the solidification from liquid to solid phases in many metal materials. Engineers design a riser(s) in the gating system to compensate the metal shrinkage in order to achieve good quality of castings. Engineers tend to find the final position where metal solidify to install the riser system to avoid the occurrence of metal shrinkage in gating system.

TEMC’s Research & Development team invests a lot of effort to fully understand metallurgical knowledge, and develops a series of riser sleeve products with exothermic materials to generate extra heat, or with insulating materials to reduce the heat lost. The combination of exothermic and insulating materials offer the best solution for energy saving and metal shrinkage to foundries.

TEMC develops different shapes of riser sleeves, including cylindrical, oval, half-moon shapes to meet every requirement from customers. Size range of riser sleeves from 50 to 500mm. The flexible board can be applied on large riser sleeve. TEMC utilizes multiple compounds to design riser sleeves applied on iron, steel, cooper and aluminum alloy castings respectively.

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Product category: Feeder sleeves

Refractory coating

TEMC develops a series of refractory coatings to protect the sand mold while pouring. A good refractory coating can minimize deburing process time/cost, and this can effectively lower casting defect rate.

Metal penetration and sand burning defects are inevitable, foundries have to spend a lot of effort and cost on sand-burning deburning process, and workpiece may turn to scrap in the worse scenario. However, our refractory coatings can provide a well-protected layer over sand molds to reduce the occurrence of metal penetration and sand burning significantly, and this helps foundry to minimize the cost and effort on after-flush treatment.

TEMC offers water-base and methanol-base refractory coatings, including paste and powder forms. They are easily to be applied with every-day operation methods in foundries, such as brushing, curtaining, spreading, and immersion. We also design different customized formula in deal with various chemical reactions, temperature tolerance needs, molding methods required from customers. TEMC also offers casting material examinations, and reclaimed sand quality checks for our valued customers to work together for developing the most suitable products.

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Product category: Feeder sleeves

Green Furan Resin

TEMC dedicates on developing Green Furan Resin for furan-base casting production. Furfuryl alcohol composes a large proportion on conventional furan resin production. Researches have been shown that furfuryl alcohol is a cancer-caused matter, its chronic toxicity is harmful to human health. The formula of Green Furan Resin reduces the usage of furfuryl alcohol significantly, it not only lowers the smoking rate to avoid air holes occurred, it also reduce harmful unpleasant smell evaporation to benefit workers’ health. Our special formula also promote the sand mold strength by enhancing sand mold surface fineness.

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About us

Company portrait

TEMC is a leader on metallurgical chemical suppliers, TEMC aims to provide high quality and integrity services to foundry industry. Our office is located at Taipei, Taiwan, and our factory sits in Beidou township, Changhua county, Taiwan with more than 10,000 m 2 floor area. Constantly innovative research is our core value to meet our customers’ demands. We improve our product property for friendly-uses to meet international high standard on environmental cares.

TEMC supports up to 46% of domestic foundry material supply market, and we also actively develop overseas markets since 1994. Currently, our products deliver to Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, China etc. for more than 19 countries. We also participate international exhibitions to explore our products to more areas.

The core value of TEMC products is high quality, and we are awarded ISO-9001 certification to assure our high quality standard to customers. We also create an operation-friendly environment in our factory, and be awarded ISO-14001 certification. In 2015, TEMC was also awarded National Award of Outstanding SMEs, this is a very pleasure honor to acknowledge innovative effort on manufacturing business in Taiwan.