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TEXPACK S.R.L. Unipersonale

Via Galileo Galilei, 24, 25030 Adro (BS)
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Insulating materials and products

Our products

Product category: Insulating materials and products


Sialtex® is a new line of products manufactured with 7 micron diameter and boron-free Silica Allumina yarns. The diameter of 7 microns allows greater flexibility to the materials when compared with others available on the market and the absence of boron means that there are no problems related to the use in the presence of release of boron gas. The main composition of Sialtex® products is 72% alumina and 28% silica or 80% alumina and 20% silica; however, there are also compositions with different formulations.
There is almost no reduction in the mechanical strength of Sialtex® textile products at temperatures up to 1200 ° C and they can be used for applications with temperatures close to 1395°C.

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Product category: Insulating materials and products

Silica sleeve

Cod. 1030Silica sleeve is made with silica yarns. The silica yarns are made of continuous glass fibres with a diameter of 6 μm and over, and with an additional treatment to increase the overall proportion of SiO2 to over 94%. The product is used as a reinforcement for composite materials, and as an acoustic, thermal, hydraulic and electrical cable protection insulator. Under normal conditions it has good chemical stability. The glass fibre additives decompose at temperatures over 200°C. The substances, or compounds, protect the surface of the glass fibres from damage that may occur during transfer and improve the technical properties requested by the user. The item is compliant with the REACH directive.

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Product category: Insulating materials and products

Texil® twisted rope

Cod. 1210
The Texil® twisted rope is made of Texil® yarn, an excellent insulator; it does not irritate and withstands a continuous temperature of 1000°C. The sleeve is suitable for insulating pipes, protecting them against slag. It is an excellent ecological substitute for ceramic sleeving for protection against high temperatures.

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About us

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Texpack® is a manufacturer of packings, tapes, twisted ropes, cloths and sleeves, for thermal insulation with static use and produces special packings and packings with dynamic use for pumps and valves. It produces and markets industrial gaskets of different types and sizes, offering a complete range of sealing systems and products for high temperatures, as well as a range of products for the maintenance of fireplaces and stoves dedicated to the consumer market. Visit the products and applications sections to discover the wide range of solutions we offer.