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Aliendalde Auzunea, 6, 48200 Durango

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Product category: Process control, models, simulation

SENTINEL®: Plataform for the Optimisation of Metalic Transformation Manufacturing Processes.

By means of Artificial Intelligence, SENTINEL® performs a multivariable analysis of the 600 parameters that take part of the metallic transformation process.
Predicts the quality of the component manufactured and sends alerts.
In real time, analises data captured during the metallic transformation process to improve relevant areas.

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Product category: Process control, models, simulation

Control system and metallurgic prediction. Thermolan®

Based on the cooling curves register, it allows controlling the alloy quality in real time and predict the resultant microstructure in the castings regarding its thermal modulus.
Spheroidal casting graphite density, matrix microestructure (%Ferrite/Pearlite), risk of shrinkage and cementite formation, necessary time for shake out, risk of Chunky graphite formation (big part), determination of C and Si and analysis of free Mg content.
Compacted graphite casting: spheroidization index, risk of shrinkage and cementite formation and determination of C and Si.
Gray cast iron: percentage of graphite distribution type A, graphite size classification, strength (T.S.) and hardness (HB) in a bar with 30mm of diameter, risk of shrinkage and cementite formation and determination of C and Si.
Aluminium alloy: grain size refinement, SDAS, modification rate, solid fraction evolution depending on the time and fraction of the main phases in a standard sample and in real castings.

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Product category: Process control, models, simulation

Optimization of filling system. Eidocalc®

New simulation system which includes the metallurgical quality in the defects prediction.
Simple and fast software, whose concept is not oriented to the feeding system design but verifies the behaviour of this reference with the alloy quality of that moment.
Simulations in the production plant, with an initial calculation estimation lower than 10 minutes.
With practice, it allows reducing the number and size of the feeding systems and increase the yield of the casting pattern when considering the feeding and solid fraction times of the different zones of the part.

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About us

Company portrait

IK4-AZTERLAN is a private Technology Centre specialized in metallurgy and metallic transformation processes.

We perform Research and Development activities linked to the different metallic materials' transformation technologies, along with an extensive offer of advanced services that provide support to the metal-mechanical industry.

IK4-AZTERLAN promotes high added value research working lines with a strong technology transfer compromise, working in close cooperation with leading national and international scientific and technological agents.

IK4-AZTERLAN aims to become a European reference in metallurgy, promoting basic and applied research with the main objective of providing competitive and innovative solutions to the industry.

With more than 30 years of experience, IK4-AZTERLAN provides a reliable response to the industrial needs offering Advanced Technological Services and technical support to more than 1,500 customers from different industrial sectors such as iron and steel, automotive, energy, aerospace, marine, oil&gas, railway, machine-tool, urban mobility and mining, among others

IK4-Azterlan belongs to IK4 Research Alliance, a strategic cooperation of seven Technology Centres specialized in different areas of knowledge, that provide higher capabilities to respond to the increasing complex challenges and demands from the industry.