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Dugonics u. 11, 1043 Budapest
Telephone +36 1 2721195
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.06  Quality control

Our products

Product category: Quality control


Our QualiLine-C systems have been used in production lines since 1998 providing an inline mechanical vision system for quality control systems for car factories and automotive suppliers worldwide.

Having this product range we can offer a line-integrated, high-speed and high precision measurement and quality control system for cylinder heads, engine blocks and other castings.

At present, we work on the QualiLine-C Version 2.0 which will be highly modular and will contain high-tech novelties.

The QualiLine-C product range includes compact systems with 60-second cycle time and with just a few cameras, measurement equipment with 30-second cycle time capable of taking measurement on more than 700 geometric parameters, the flexible measurement machines utilizing robots, and finally the twin-machine construction with 12-second cycle time and more than 100 cameras for taking measurements and to check penetration through passage-ways and material porosity.

Common feature of all of our equipment, in addition to best satisfying customers' need, is accuracy and reliability. Our 100% testing solution, instead of random tests on products, got introduced upon the need raised and adopted to the cycle time of the production line. Our optical testing devices that outspeed CMM systems by multiple scales in terms of cycle times, allow the system to eliminate waste products coming out from line as well as to exclude subjectivity in qualifying processes.

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Product category: Quality control


The systems of channels in castings have become increasingly complex, which makes their testing extremely difficult and sophisticated. One can select the appropriate technology for the testing depending on the design of the individual castings and channels, which can be visible light, infra radiation or gas-based. This latter, our so-called Gas-Stream solution is also suitable for the testing of full or partial blockage of parallel channels. Our procedure is patented.

  • testing based on visible light
  • testing based on infra radiation
  • gas-based testing (Gas-Stream)
  • inline or offline design
  • a stand-alone application or may be integrated into QualiLine-C
  • detection of lack of channels owing to sand-core cracking
  • detection of partial or full blockage owing to sand-core cracking
  • detection of residual sand-core in the channel

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Product category: Quality control


Using the QualiLine-3D system we can measure the deviation of the actual surface from the theoretical surface. This means the measurement of coordinates, the measurement of diameters, testing for the availability and lack of items, furthermore, the control of additional parameters expected by our customers. The result of the 3-D scanning is a cloud of points about the scanned surface, in which we always define the distance between the scanned points, i.e. the resolution of the cloud of points according to the expectations. The processing of the scanned 3-D cloud of points enables the performance of the intended geometric measurements and tests.

  • Cg/Cgk/R&R-enabled measurement of shape characteristics
  • a resolution of up to 10 µm
  • compact layout, suitable for modular integration
  • full scanning (without shadows) of the surfaces, if required
  • automated calibration
  • cycle time is adapted to the expectations
  • inline and offline versions
  • testing the surfaces of finished and raw castings
  • testing for the existence of parts
  • measurement of bore diameters
  • measurement of flatness, parallelism and surface distances

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About us

Company portrait

Falcon-Vision was established in 1996 by a group of engineers who had formerly worked together for several years on the development of industrial image processing solutions.

Every manufacturer in the world wants to reduce the number of defective products, therefore 100% quality control - i.e. one that covers every item - is increasingly becoming a general requirement. The devices of Falcon-Vision meet this expectation superbly, since they perform measurements without contact and give instant results.

Our company is a supplier to market-leading international companies operating in several industries. From engineering to image processing and analysis we combine a wild range of different technologies to create an offering of measuring instruments used constantly by our customers in various industries (electronics, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry,…).

We offer complex solutions for product testing problems in cooperation with our customers.

Falcon-Vision has been constantly developing since 1996. By now we have grown into a company with a stable background. We supply appliances to distant parts of the world (such as Mexico, China, Japan). Our scope of activities ranges from the manufacturing of mechanical special-purpose machines through code controlling systems used in the pharmaceutical or food industry, all the way to the testing of large size castings with micron accuracy.

In the beginning we were only involved in image processing, but over 10 years ago we also established our own mechanical, electric and machine control departments.