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Finite Solutions Inc.

2931 Hamilton New London Road, 45013 Hamilton, OH
Telephone +1 513 7377300
Fax +1 513 7377302

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David Schmidt



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.02  Simulation of casting processes

Simulation of casting processes

Our products

Product category: Simulation of casting processes


What is SOLIDCast? 

Iron casting, steel, aluminum, and more – SOLIDCast
SOLIDCast’s user friendly software simulates multiple casting types with rich features, accounting for variables in sand, investment, and permanent mold castings. Design gates, risers and test them out before making your first casting. Solidification modeling helps to shorten lead times, produce higher quality and improve yield. All of this means lower costs, higher profits and improved marketability for our clients’ foundries.

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Product category: Simulation of casting processes


What is FLOWCast?
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – FLOWCast
FLOWCast is an add-on flow modeling module to SOLIDCast, adding Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to SOLIDCast’s capabilities. Fluid flow modeling allows users to view a simulation, on the computer, showing how molten metal will flow through gating systems and fill the mold.

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Product category: Simulation of casting processes


What is OPTICast? 

Optimize metal casting solidification modeling – OPTICast
OPTICast is an optimization software product that works in conjunction with the SOLIDCast solidification modeling system. Most solidification modeling systems require the engineer to create a design, run a simulation, review the results, and then make a decision about how to modify the design to achieve a good casting. This can take several design iterations to get to the end result.

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About us

Company portrait

Finite Solutions invented PC-based casting simulation back in 1985. We’ve been applying our experience to continuous improvement of metal casting software ever since. Unlike other developers who come from academic backgrounds, we have actual foundry experience and understand the day-to-day challenges of working in this industry. With more than 27 years of experience and enhancements, the Finite Solutions metal casting simulation software provides amazing accuracy for prediction of most foundry defects in the majority of casting processes. This means that we’ve concentrated on developing the features that make the Finite Solutions metal casting simulation software the practical choice for most foundries in the world. Due to this, and our commitment to excellence, Finite Solutions has become a global standard in casting software. Used in over 800 foundries and universities around the world, we have the largest customer base in the entire industry.