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HA Ilarduya S.L.U.

Barrio Boroa, s/n Apdo. 35, 48340 Amorebieta (Vizcaya)
Telephone +34 946 730858
Fax +34 946 733454
This company is co-exhibitor of
Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH

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  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.02  Moulding sand binders
  • 06.02.08  Moulding sand binders, others

Our products

Product category: Moulding sand binders, others


The adhesives for foundry are used for different applications. HA-Ilarduya has a very wide range of them . The most commonly references used are:
Friocol: Adhesives based on water for cold gluing.
Termocol: Adhesive based on water for heat gluing for precoated sand cores and shells.
Maskenkleber: Adhesives based on thermally curing synthetic resins, these products harden by a reaction analogous to that in the Shell Moulding process, and are particularly suitable for use in hot curing (Hot-Box, Shell Moulding) processes.
Kaltkleber 5988 R: Specialty adhesives based on an aqueous styrene-acrylic emulsion, these products give up water to develop high bonding power, and are suitable for cold bonding sections of polystyrene foam into the patterns used for the lost foam process.
Schnelkleber: These are adhesives that undergo rapid cure due to evaporation of highly volatile solvents.
Fusible resin: Sticks and bars with applicator

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Product category: Moulding sand binders, others

re-coated sand

HA-Ilarduya provides a great variety of pre-coated sands matching customer requirements. A pre-coated sand is commonly silica sand lightly coated with phenolic resin and used in foundry cores and moulds manufacturing through shell moulding (Croning process), that consists of putting in contact the pre-coated sand with a hot metal mould so that melted resin creates a sand shell around the mould.
The resulting cores have high mechanical strength and casted pieces present outstanding surface properties and top dimensional accuracy.
Pre-coated sand design is closely related to the kind of piece to be casted and the moulding process (dumping or shooting) to be used.
Core shape, casting alloy and surface quality requirements in the casted product significantly determine parametres such as sand AFA index or additives incorporation like organic compounds, magnetite, chromite, etc.
Pre-coated sands have unlimited bench life and endless storage time; furthermore, their high fluidity allows filling any mould shape, thus producing low weight hollow cores with less amount of sand. 
Hüttenes Albertus offers a wide range of pre-coated sands for cores and Shell moulding, and also tailored solutions when necessary.

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Product category: Moulding sand binders, others

Refractory coatings

Refractory coating is the "technical" term used in the foundry industry to describe the paintings. Its main objective is to obtain high-quality casting pieces and good surface appearance.

Finely milled refractory materials and highly fireproof substances are used as base materials for such coatings.

The coating layer insulates the underlying material and protects it from the thermal stress caused by the molten metal. Initially coatings of very simple composition, these materials have developed into complex compounds containing different ingredients developed for most different applications.

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About us

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HA Ilarduya, is a global provider of products and solutions for the foundry industry. We are a leading, modern and advanced company, thanks to the excellence of all our services.