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ZDAS, a.s.

Strojirenska 675/6, 59101 Zdar nad Sazavou
Telephone +420 566 641111
Fax +420 566 642850

Hall map

NEWCAST 2019 hall map (Hall 14): stand B06

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NEWCAST 2019 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.01  Material groups
  • 01.01.006  Austenitic cast iron
  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.03  Customers and uses for iron, steel and malleable castings
  • 01.03.046  Steel industry (steelworks requirements)

Steel industry (steelworks requirements)

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.038  Nuclear reactor components

Nuclear reactor components

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.074  Pump components

Pump components

  • 01  Ferrous castings - Iron, steel and malleable foundries
  • 01.04  Examples of cast products
  • 01.04.102  Turbine components

Turbine components

  • 03  Services
  • 03.02  Product development
  • 03.02.004  Pattern
  •  Wooden pattern

Wooden pattern

Our products

Product category: Wooden pattern


Materials: wood, polystyrene, combined, multiplex materials

Size of models without limitations – it is necessary to divide them due to transportation and removal from mould

Manufacturing equipment: Conventional and milling five-axis CNC center

Production following 3D data (formats – step, igs, prt, cad)

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Product category: Nuclear reactor components

Multi-purpose hydraulic presses

For the purpose of all the general operations of volume and sheet metal cold forming, semi-hot forming or hot forming
Nominal force from 2,000 to 25,000 kN

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Product category: Austenitic cast iron

Castings from 200 to 50,000 kg

Material: steel (all the types, including stainless steel), ductile cast iron

Weight category: from 200 to 50,000 kg

Maximum dimensions: 8,500 x 4,500 x 3,000 mm

Casting process simulation using the MAGMA software

Moulding: hand moulding, into furan mixtures

Heat treatment: air-, water-, polymer bath-, oil-quenching and tempering

Supply condition: rough, rough machined, and/or finish machined

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About us

Company portrait

The joint-stock company ŽĎAS started production more than 67 years ago and now has almost 2100 employees, while the annual turnover in 2017 was 90 152 thousand euro.

TS Plzeň a.s. and ŽĎAS RUS are subsidiaries of ŽĎAS a.s. The company also has a majority share in ŽĎAS SGS GmbH based in Germany.

The production programme of the joint stock company ŽĎAS is focused on machine-tools, equipment for free forging, scrap processing equipment, hydraulic presses, equipment for the processing of rolled products, equipment for the straightening of material, inspection and straightening lines for bar processing, and piece delivery for rolling mills. The company is also specialized in production of castings from 200 up to 50 000 kg, forgings from 20 up to 9 000 kg, ingots from 500 up to 20 000 kg and also models and pressing machines especially from the automobile industry.

The company delivers the machines directly at the customer’s request. Production halls are equipped with high-quality machinery for heavy and light operation, and the mounting and testing of individual products. The modern design and development base along with international certifications are a guarantee of quality and reliability.