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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments introduces the new SPECTROLAB S LAS02 high-end arc/spark OES metal analyzer for process control and research applications — designed to deliver the fastest possible measurements, greatest throughput, lowest limits of detection, longest uptime, and most future-proof flexibility.

Continuously improved by customer input and rigorous usability testing, the new SPECTROLAB S LAS02 features proprietary CMOS+T technology to identify and measure, with high accuracy and precision, all elements in incoming, in-production, and out-going materials as well as in researching new materials. The new analyzer is ideal for primary and secondary metal producers, automotive and aerospace manufacturers, and makers of finished and semi-finished goods.

Innovations of the new SPECTROLAB S LAS02 include:
  • Two dedicated optics to ensure optimum resolution of challenging analytical lines. Each features CMOS detectors, temperature stabilization, and pressure compensation.
  • A powerful LDMOS plasma generator and ignition board that produces a stable spark and ultra-short measurement times. Examples: less than 20 seconds for low-alloy steel and under 12 seconds for main alloying elements in materials like iron, aluminum, or copper.
  • A tunable argon system for unique flow savings that cuts consumption by up to 50 % in standby mode and by 13 % when measuring samples, further enhancing the analyzer’s affordable cost of ownership.
  • A low-maintenance spark stand to ensure long uptime between cleanings — which is critical for high-throughput automation systems.
  • An innovative GigE rapid readout system for extremely high processing speeds for maximum data throughput and support of the analyzer’s outstanding analytical performance.
  • Ultra-low limits of detection — previously attainable only with PMT detectors — that outperform previous models with 30% lower LODs for many trace elements in high-purity copper.
  • Intuitive, fully customizable state-of-the-art Spark Analyzer Pro software that improves and extends operational efficiency, functionality, analytical performance, flexibility, and ease of use.
  • Fast and cost-efficient setup requiring only five minutes and a single sample with SPECTRO’s proprietary iCAL 2.0 standardization.
  • In addition, AMECARE Performance Services maximize uptime for all SPECTRO world-class elemental analyzers, including the new SPECTROLAB S LAS02. Hundreds of experienced service engineers in 50 countries provide high-value, customized support to ensure optimum performance and the longest possible equipment life.
The new SPECTROLAB S high-performance OES analyzer for analyzing metal in process control and research applications is available immediately from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. For more information, visit or email

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