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Siempelkamp ring-rolling mill is supplied to Russia

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After its startup and testing in Siempelkamp’s production halls from April to October 2013, Siempelkamp’s first ring-rolling mill is currently being disassembled and prepared for shipment to the customer’s location in Russia.

Siempelkamp supplies the rolling mill to JSC Metallurgical Plant Electrostal including the complete hydraulic system, automation technology and the innovative SicoRoll control technology. The startup in Krefeld has proven that the plant not only meets the customer’s desired specifications but even exceeds them in some areas.

Siempelkamp experts not only completely manufactured the rolling mill at the Krefeld location but also assembled and started it up there as well as extensively tested the hot rolling proc-ess. With maximum radial and axial pressing forces of 6,300 kN each, the ring-rolling mill manufactures rings made of steel and special materials such as nickel-based, titanium and aluminum alloys. With a maximum outer diameter of up 4,000 mm and a maximum ring height of up to 600 mm, the rings meet the high requirements in the aerospace industry.

Innovative process control for high precision

SicoRoll by Siempelkamp was specially developed for ring-rolling: The program package which includes a planning tool as well as industrial process and control technology ensures high process accuracy. The special feature: Not only can the users plan the rolling process and adjust the process during rolling but, next to standard rolling processes, the users can also add their own rolling processes. This open structure is unique on the market and allows JSC Metallurgical Plant Electrostal to have an extensive influence on the rolling process.

Preparations are currently underway for the shipment of the ring-rolling mill to Russia where it will be installed and started up next year.

Source: Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG