Program CAEF Forum

Hall 13 D07

10:30 - 11:00

Innovation Award of the German Foundry Industry
Peter R. Sahm

Dick van Wageningen

11:30 Uhr


Dr Fynn-Willem Lohe,
Secretary General of CAEF The European Foundry Association

Dick van Wageningen

12:00 Uhr

Green Energy for Foundries

M. Milanov,
TELEMAT, Sofia/Bulgaria

12:30 Uhr

New Iron Age

A. E. Kumangil,
KUTES METALL, Istanbul/Türkiye

Joachim Schäfer
Dr. Christian Schramm

13:00 Uhr

Raw materials in the conflicting areas of sustainability and security of supply

Dr. D. Quantz,
WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle (WVMetalle), Berlin/Germany

Thorsten Kock

13:30 Uhr

Social climate in foundry: long term challenge for our HR management has become urgent

Elisa Lucchese,
University of Bergamo, Bergamo/Italy

Thorsten Kock

14:00 Uhr

Social media in the foundry industry

Laura Wöller,
BDG-Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie, Düsseldorf, Germany

Dick van Wageningen

14:30 Uhr

European Foundry Women´s Award

Dick van Wageningen

14:45 Uhr


Erik Volz

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